17 July 2019

fun day

I sleep better on an empty stomach. 

Little Tray of Goodness
Creme Cheese and Egg Crepe

This one flopped, 
but was still delicious. 

Lazy bones. 

Tom Thumb was once the 
Queen of the Grocery Stores. 
Now it’s a dive. 
I think they’re going out of business. 

Dude- get off my ass! 

I was having a mild panic last night,
 and went to the store to get some things. 
I want to make Fat Bread today. 

16 July 2019

home health nurse

No meds. 
I’m tapering off the Unisom.
It’s an anti-cholinergic. 
And that’s not good. 
I only wanted to take them 
6 months or so
After Live Dove died. 
I just wasn’t sleeping,
If you can imagine. 

I spent most of the day
With a friend - at the doctor. 

Someone  is mad. 
Hospital vending machines. 
They always mess up. 

Starbucks snack. 

Bathroom Selfie!

15 July 2019

doctor day

My new hobby. 
Me Luv Sleep!

Meat Plate 

Moist Brisket 

Paw Patrol 

More Meat

Don’t over complicate it!

A day off today 
Being handy as a nurse. 

14 July 2019

this is not a drill

Pretty skies. 

First thing in the morning. 
Fasted yesterday. 
I think eating at night is a problem. 
So I went to bed fasted. 

Still had a crazy night. 
But the pulse was low -
So no worries. 
63 to 53. Good range! 

Stopped and got BBQ

I love the Moist Brisket. 
I got a good amount of food 
For today. 

This is from vacation. 
And now. 
I look like a bad guy 
In a Kevin Spacey movie. 

No wine for many weeks. 
No late night drive through. 
Lots of fasting and IF. 
Lots of walking. 
Am I just not thinking 
Enough happy thoughts? 

13 July 2019

wish bones

The hunger of ADF
- Alternate Day Fasting -
Is unbearable to me. 

So that indicates to me
That I have an ulcer still. 
It mimics hunger. 

I went to a diet pill doctor
Way back in the 1990s. 
He gave every patientZantac
For 2 weeks before he started 
Phen-Phen (remember Phen-Phen?)
To rule out an ulcer and the
Constant urge to eat. 

Anecdotally speaking,
Peptic ulcers can’t handle food...
It hurts. 
Duodenal ulcers feel better 
with food.  Less hurt. 

Having both would explain 
Why sometimes 
You can eat and feel a little reflux,
But then feel infinitely better
As the food passes through
To the duodenum. 

Coffee has to go. 
But not this week. 

If it makes you poop, 
You gotta know it is disruptive 
To something or another.  

Sleeping well without my wine. 

A Facebook group asked 
a group of nurses 
What they do when they get home. 
90% of them had a glass of Vino. 

Plugging along here. 
One plug at a time. 

12 July 2019

wrist bones

Sleeping is pretty awesome. 
I think I slept away my bad mood. 

A friend  was in a wreck
And broke her wrist 

The next few weeks of her life 
should be interesting. 


Still fasting and had coffee. 
And lost nothing. 
I can’t wrap my mind around this. 

It’s just now possible. 

Off for a walk. 

11 July 2019

so mad

Slept great and woke up to find 
My sleeping pills on the counter top. 
Hahah jokes on me. 

Ate this OMAD. 

Before bed. 

Early morning. 
I dry fast now at night. No fluid. 
So this is - and the weight- 
Is true. 

This crow was mad. 
I must have parked on top 
of his French Fries. 

Fasting is bad because 
you learn to be patient. 
You must be patient. 
You’re not shopping, prepping, eating,
Or cleaning up after 3 to 6 meals a day. 

And being away from all vices, 
Your thoughts “speak” to you. 

And it’s not easy to hear the truth 
Of what they say. 

I realized this time fasting - that I’m mad. 
I’m mad that the swimsuit didn’t fit. 
I’m mad that I ever was fat. 

I’m mad that my leg was broken
And it’s still not right. 
I still park with a handicapped sticker. 

I’m mad that they keep that 
Munchausen Nurse. 
And chose her instead of me. 

I’m mad that my relationship is gone
 and will never be back. 

I’m mad that I’m a poor 
judge of character 
and didn’t see it coming.  

That is the thing. 
I’m always too hopeful. 
Too positive. 
It’s like being naive. 
And I’m a slow learner. 
I give people the benifit of the doubt. 
When they least deserve it. 

I’m mad the medical community 
Let Baby Love Dove die. 
I’m mad at Nursing 
Because it has become a joke-
It’s not what it used to be. 

Im mad that I can gain weight 
on 500 calories a day. 

I tell my kids that they can get mad. 
And feel it. 
But now we have to do 
something about it. 
Yes. That’s what it was. 
BUT - at least for now- 
THIS sis how it is. 
And we have to get from 
Point A to Point B. 
We can go there mad, as well. 
We still get there. 

I went and got a rocking hot haircut. 
I went to the Gayborhood 
Supercuts. Best of both worlds. 
Style AND substance. 
No more “Suburbian”
Haircuts for me!