13 November 2019

party city!

I admit it. 
I love birthdays. 

The mom on the case 
Made Butter Chicken for me. 

I brought the cake. 
And candles. 

Call the fire brigade! 

12 November 2019


Gunshots at night 

Moon at night. 
I accidentally woke up early
And went to work 2 hours early! 

So I took a little walk. 

Winter Wonderland already. 

Ugh. No thanks.more for y’all. 

This fit this Spring. 
My body shape is changing-

Yesterday my pants 
Nearly fell off at the store. 
This shirt is now pajamas. 

I went to bed early last night. 
I was still a little sad. 
So why not. 

I’m trying to remember 
What I ate and why
There’s no picture. 
Well- I forgot to eat. 
So there’s that. 

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!

11 November 2019

veteran’s day

Crappy Birthday Junk 
Means crappy sleep. 


I made this. 
Cat wants it. 
Microwave splatters

So Moby Dick
The writing. 
It’s so profound. 

War and Food-
Everything is not what I thought it was. 
Medicine. Nursing. 
I’m sure I’ll be over it soon. 
I has a sad. 

10 November 2019

hungry day

Just around the corner. 

Hungry so I got this 

Probably the worst salad 
I’ve had for years.

Nothing fancy. 
What home health nursing looks like. 

Ready to fast
After a few false starts. 

Protein shake 
Two hour PP

I saw a pic of myself 
 Taken from an unflattering angle. 
My god. It looked like I had never lost
Even as much as one pound. 
I looked super heavy. 
That was enough to kick my 
Butt hurt (hurt butt)
Into high gear. 

Super long 16 hour shifts on weekends. 
Hard to do anything. 
Just get through. 

09 November 2019

be best

weak day

Late night junk food. 
Just because I can. 
Turns out- I can’t. 

Coming up on veteran’s day. 
And my birthday! 

I brought my lunch
But again... I caved. 
It’s hard being around the forbidden fruit. 

Lol Moby Dick. 
We just got to the place 
Where Pip nearly died. 
Some of the strongest and best writing 
In all of Literature. 

I know low carb is hard. 
Every diet is hard. 
Every one has a 90% 
Failure rate. 

I’m just being kind. 
It’s more like 95%. 
The struggle is real.