19 May 2019

la la la l la la

Life is better with sleep ! 

Now. Time to unpack from vacation. 

Big storm. 

Calm ending. 

Call for Chicken Wings! 

And a pleasant time was had by all. 

18 May 2019

Ramadan again

This is Halal Ground Beef
Shaped and formed into a kabob
So it can be grilled. 

I end up paying for the heat. 

I Snaked ALL DAY 
In case I ended up with bites. 
Which I did. 

My new hobby is sleeping. 

Two hours PP

And that is the extent 
of my Ramadan involvement 
For this year. 

The rice is yummy. 
Also gummy. 
It’s the sticky rice. 
Jasmin? Basmati? 

And it has lentils and berries
And nuts. Oh my! 

I suspect my BG stayed low 
because I’m insulin dumping. 

All that sugar has to go somewhere! 
Stored as fat? 
Water gain? 

I’m up 2 + pounds
This morning. 

17 May 2019

so excited!

I ordered a Chest PT Vest
For a little kid. 
They sent out 
An adult small. 
It didn’t fit him. 
But it fit me!  Lol. A small. Wow. 

Cold coffee for summer. 
I keep it on my nightstand. 
I get a shot first thing in the morning. 
Then I go back to sleep 
By the time the coffee kicks in, 
I’m ready to wake up! 

I call it a “caffeine nap!”

Get a load of this! 
Use the Trans-Atlantic Accent
When you say that. 
It sounds ducky, dah-ling!

I never dreamed 
I would be so happy to sleep. 

I did an odd thing last night. 
I had about 40 carbs. 
An hour later, my BG
Was 112. So I’m good. 

I’m starting a fast today. 
And I needed the mental boost. 

Low Carb feels depriving sometimes. 
Mostly, when I’m not prepared. 

They don’t exactly sell Keto 
On the street corners. 

The mom at the case said 
she thought I had gained weight 
Whilst on vacation. 
Well. I did not. 
I somehow gained 
After vacation! 
But my vacation weight was spot on. 
By the time I saw her, I was golden again. 

If it’s water weight,
 I can gain or lose
4 pound as day. 

Which is crazy. 
There’s something 
we don’t understand 
Or have knowledge of
In the world of carb restrictions. 

Maybe one day, it will be obvious. 

16 May 2019

pete and elaine

I like hanging out with cats. 

But I like hanging out with people. 
Just if they want to be near. 
It’s no fun if they’re acting
Like they’re being killed to have to see you. 

Pete and I had our Chinese Food. 
It was good.  
A little more than an hour later, 
My Blood Glucose was 103. 

We found a little trail by the house
And went for a hike. 

5000 steps for sure. 

This morning, good numbers. 
But I like it lower. 

Full Fat Snacks. 
Macadamia Nuts. 
I’m thinking about making
 some Fat Bread since Elaine is home. 

15% dip so that’s ok. 

Back to work 4 days in a row. 
I’m taking it very easy this month. 

15 May 2019

blissful sleep

I slept an unbelievable 14 hours. 
On purpose. 

Ham and Cheese Roll Ups 
With Guacamole. 

I came back to find 
Just a plate of Cheese. 
This is the work of Joseph. 
Always hungry. Like a dog. 
Sneaky. Punk. 

Ye Olde Trip To Costco 

Already planning my next vacation. 
It will be a Dental Vacation. 
I broke a tooth 
And it’s time to fix it. 
Plus, if we go to war, 
Who knows what the economy will do. 
So this is time to get rid of any leftover debt,
And build up a savings account again. 

14 May 2019

elaine being home

I ate and ate yesterday. 
Probably means it is an ulcer 
That keeps making me ill. 
Some ulcers feel better with food. 
Some feel worse. 

I had a docoin the 90s 
Who loved Diet Pilss. 
Remember PhenPhen? 
Everyone I knew was taking them. 

Well. He gave people Zantac
And told them to come back in 2 weeks. 
Half of the people didn’t even need diet pills
Once their ulcer was healed. 

My day yesterday. 
Plus I managed to dust and vacuum. 
The house is finally clean enough
That I can maintain it 
Without outside help. 

Elaines before and after. 
That Facebook group is really taking off.

I haven’t slept till 9:30 since ... forever! 
Love my low heart rates.