15 September 2019

lovely day

Sleep. So elusive. 

Someone hid the new pads away 
under some junk in the closet. 
They’re the wrong size. 
They were delivered 5 August. 
I found them yesterday. 
Too late to exchange. 
Such passive-aggressive shit 
I have never seen 

This is a plunger  (stopper)
in the bottom  of a med bottle. 

Swine just left it there. 

This is how the other nurses 
put away the laundry. 

See that ?
That’s a cap that goes 
on the outside of this suction canister.
  NOT the inside. 
They honestly scare me. 

It’s like working with convict toddlers. 
Who don’t care and don’t want to change. 

In fact, they seem to thrive on mayhem. 

Tic Tac Toe
The bad nurses lose. 

Dear Darling Bed:
I love you. 
I miss you. 
I think about you often during the day. 
The only thing that gets me by sometimes 
Is knowing that we will soon be together. 
I can’t wait to see you! 

Pony up 

So I got my dream.
It was like a vision. 

It was in the future ,
Me taking care of this boy. 

In a way, it would be unfair
To expose the un-ethical behavior 
Of this bad nurse- 
And just leave him. 

I’ll still take month long vacations. 
I just may not (or I may)
Do traveling nursing. 

Either way, I’ll travel. 
Either way, I’m good.  

14 September 2019

who let the cats out

Someone left his door open 
So he could sleep with the cats. 
When they got bored with him,
They came to me and woke me up. 
What a bag of jerks. 
Cats are jerks. 

Still love the blends. 

Seven Sages. 
A different blend for every
 day of the week. 

A nice card from the office. 

Perry Mason always said 
To be careful 
And ABSOLUTELY certain 
when a man’s life 
Hangs in the balance- 

But the Mom talked to the Dad!
And all lights are green. 
I have their blessing to send this letter 
To the state. Finally. 
They want her gone as much as I do. 

Rude is one thing. 
Everyone is rude there. 

Lazy is one thing. 
Everyone there is lazy
And no one even gets up from their chair
To help the boy. 

But dangerous-
That’s where you have to draw the line. 

Full moon. Pretty. 
Valley Ranch is where 
The Dallas Cowboys once practiced. 

Made Chaffles at work. 
The mom loves them. 

My blends. 

The Mom said if I prayed for guidance 
I would receive a dream. 

That has happened before, 
but not last night. 
Unless my guidance 
Is telling me to move away from 
The inconsiderate noise makers. 

13 September 2019

memes to save


my cheap life

Cheap sleep. 
Not the best kind. 
I guess it’s why they call it grog. 

Now that school is in session, 
The backstreets are as crowded 
as the highway. 
Maybe more. 

I tell people I live in “Oak Cliffo”.  
I say I live in Oak Cliff.
And they say “Oh!” 

An hour to work is average in DFW. 
30 minutes is exceptional. 
2 hours is not uncommon. 

It’s like an hour from 
Denver to Colorado Springs. 
So navigation will be a breeze. 
I’ve been talking to people about this. 
No one said no.  
Everyone says “Go!”

Typical Texas Walmart. 
Actually, the perfect place to walk. 

Early morning walk. 
Heart rate got up to 110. 
About 20 minutes total. 

Happy Friday the 13th! 
And a full moon. 

The nurses here will never change. 
The mom is hip but the dad is stoic. 
And so it shall be. 

The nurses argue with the mom
About fabric softener-
Which makes the bed pads leak. 
And makes kids clothing non fireproof. 
Also, it’s scented. So allergies. 

Why would they argue 
with mom about that? 

As long as they’re all here- 
This lazy, inept, angry mob
Of overpaid idiots- 
Nothing will ever change.  

See- this once was a Hospice Case. 
But the boy got better. 

The problem is that 
untrained hospice nurses 
can’t make the transition
 back to med-surg nursing. 
They bring their old habits with them. 

Fabric softener is ok for hospice. 
It’s all about comfort. 
Not so much for a kid on the mend.  

Adults, too, fail at this. 
Ice Cream is ok
for a diabetic hospice patient. 
They can have anything they want. 
When it’s my turn to go-
No nurse on earth will tell me 
what I can and can not 
Put into my own mouth. 

But when they’re getting better-
And they might have another 5 years-
Ah well- 
One scoop or two? 

There was once a blogger
I went all the way to Canada to see. 
And when I got there, she said 
(And I quote)
“You don’t look anything 
Like your picture!”
Henceforth and therefore 
I put my pic here every single day. 

So if (when) we meet up, 
You’ll know who I am
And what I look like. 

Also, so many Decade Bloggers 
Regain- it happens-
That I post my picture 
For accountability. 

But mainly for that one blogger. 
It’s me! 

12 September 2019

decisions decisions

Never Forget 
Who did this and how corrupt 
People can be 
when there’s something to sell. 

Had lunch with Love Dove’s Mommy. 
She bought me brisket. 
And some to take to work. 

We watched old videos of the Baby-
And laughed and cried. 

I told her about my plans to travel
And she said GO FOR IT! 

Got some containers for the blends. 
I love them and now that it’s not 100°F
Plus (38°C) every single day ...
 I can fast again. 
It’s still nearly 100.°F.  
Just not over 100°F 
And no AC at work. 

These blends have made me smarter. 
That and quitting wine. 
I see things clearly now

Like playing chess. 

The Boys Mom is 
never going to get rid 
of the bad nurses. 

Never. She’s too kind. 
And I don’t have enough rapport 
with the Dad to convince him. 

New shoes. 

New Love Dove bracelet. 

Outlander. A very smart show. 

IF nothing changes here- 
I’m gone. 
In one year, the only changes 
That have been made 
Are for the worse.