25 March 2011

lonely dell ranch

Hiking near Lee's Ferry near Marble Canyon, AZ

A couple of forest fires here and there
On the way from the forest to the Painted Desert

But mostly red rocks and beauty

Spring is coming soon!

Little back trails by a river - way up high

I hiked by an orchid in full bloom!

Lonely Dell Ranch - hidden away

I really want to be a hiker, I think!

Must be hungry - made me think of a hamburger

I still only eat one "solid" meal a day.... 
The rest "just" protein - works for me!

Wish a wish a wish you were here!


  1. I am wowed by all the beautiful photos you've been posting lately. I so wish I was there! The meal looks delish! :)

  2. love the new background, Lady!
    that alone r-e-l-a-x-e-s me.

  3. Beautiful, Anne. I've always wanted to travel out west. My ex in-laws do it every couple of years and I would love to go with them. I would love to see the painted desert.

  4. I can see the relaxation and joy of life in your face. Vacations are good for you. :) Love the pics.

  5. I love the green new leaves against the red hills. Thank you for sharing so much of your vacation. Keep eating the good foods, keep hiking the calories off and keep having a blast. Take care Anne and have a blessed day!!

  6. Want to be a hiker?
    You ARE a hiker!


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