03 March 2011

wash and brush up

So much to do..... so much time.....
Thinking smile

Took Trucky in for a little pampering.
Synthetic oil. I even changed the wiper blades myself!
I can do this!
Poor thing. She loves to travel, too.
Trucks are super heavy-duty.
If you take good care of them!

Sad to say, I love and take better care of my truck than 
I do of my own body. But that's changing now!
'Bout time!

Bzzz bzzz here, bzz bzz there....

Getting a hair cut and they eyebrows "did" again.
I really liked the effect!

What's a blonde to do?
I'll be gone so long this time, I have to pack 
my Hydrogen Peroxide! 
Winking smile

Would you like some more Protein Shakes?

No thanks - I'm stuffed!

I'm on Auto-Pilot lately....
Pick stuff up and "Pile It" over here....
Get that stack and "Pile It" over there....

Thanks for your words of encouragement
from yesterday.... Anxiety hits like a ton of bricks!

This just in:
I am looking for ONE (count 'em ....one)
good reason why I should just get up and leave early
for my trip? Any ideas?
If you changed your mind, and want to come along,
I'll wait for you. Or we could just meet there!
Winking smile

Hope your day is going a-ok!
Secret telling smile


  1. Trying to join the land of the living today. Wishing you a wonderful day!

  2. Hey, that's one lucky truck. What about lucky Anne now? She deserves the pampering too. Love ya, Blondie.

  3. Yes more pampering for Anne!! I thought that protein powder was the bleach for your hair! LOL dont wanna mix those up! :D

  4. Well, that would explain the "vexed" feeling at least!

  5. I need some wash and brush up too :) Maybe tonight I'll go get my eyebrows done :) Sure is true that anxiety hits like a ton of bricks. We need to toss those bricks and make muscle instead :)

  6. You should leave early....because I said so :)

  7. I probably need to give my lovely car a pampering too!


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