01 March 2011


In a few days I will be out and about

Camping in California and the Grand Canyon

Singing songs from Wicked all day

Then there's a mule I need to ride

They don't show this part on the brochure

Cooking over an open flame

Resting and taking it easy

Camping in the mountains, the desert,
and even the beach

Hiking around

Maybe go rafting

Did you hear something?

In the Army, I hated bivouac (camping out)

And road marching (hiking)

I guess it's all about how you see things
and what you call it!

And look it this!
A Bloggers Camping Get Away!
Now I ask you....
What is not to like about that!

Glad I am learning new ways to look at things!
"Hate" is really just another word for "fear"
And is not about power at all.
Hate is the opposite of empowerment!
But You knew that, right?

Thanks Loretta, for letting me doodle along
on Toon Tuesdays!

Hope you are loving your days!


  1. Not just Texas Bloggers, eh?
    Get here - some how -
    And come have fun!
    Remember fun? - Be happy!

  2. Wow, is it that close??
    I adored the wolf howling at the moon!!
    It's going to be fun seeing the photos you take while on that mule, LOL!

  3. oh how I adore that. HATE IS ANOTHER WORD FOR FEAR....

  4. Great post, Anne. Hate is another word for fear. And fear is our biggest foe. Fat is just a symptom, I think.

    Have a wonderful time on your trip. I look forward to hearing of your adventures.

  5. Your doodles are great! You actually make camping look fun and I hate camping lol!

    Anne: Hate is another word for fear.
    Roxie: Fat is just a symptom

    I'll be thinking about that all day.

  6. I don't fear camping, I just really, really dislike it. Have a great time! When we visited the GY we picked up a fascinating book called something like "death in the canyon."

  7. OH! I want to go camping. Especially at the Grand Canyon. I can go vicariously through you and your pictures. :)

    Hope you have a fantastic time. I'm a little wicked green with envy. :P

  8. I only fear the inconvenience of change, perhaps....
    Or maybe challenge.... or failure....
    But probably I fear success most of all!
    Success and Endeavor. Or Self-discovery?
    That - and bugs!

  9. Looks like a GREAT time! I'm a bit jelly, to say the least! Do something you've never done beofre...then come tell us about it! :-)

  10. Anne have a wonderful time. your so lucky you get to travel like you do. I am living vicariously through you. how does that sound. have fun.

  11. Sounds like a great adventure! Can't wait to see it in pics. Maybe a vlog or two? Have a wonderful time :)

  12. I can't wait to hear about all your adventures :) And of course the pictures!!

  13. that sounds like so much fun!

  14. I think you're going to need another blog for all your adventures!!! Have a great time and please hug mutual brothers for me :-)) Hugs, Donna.

  15. This happens every year.....
    Every trip! Every time.
    I feel like I am going to hurl.
    Even to type this.
    Cold sweat.
    I would just as soon forget it and go to bed -
    at 5 pm.
    Where's my distraction therapy?
    Oh yeah, that makes me anxious, too.
    I keep forgetting.

  16. Sounds amazing! I hope you have an awesome trip! And I'm so glad that the Grand Canyon will finally get to hear the soundtrack to Wicked!

  17. although I'm not exactly
    loving my day
    (tis a cold and bleary one)
    I am loving your pictures
    and the idea of
    singing wickedly
    in the grandest of canyons
    and rafting (maybe)
    and hiking
    and camping
    ooooh la la!

  18. Lovin' the 'toons!!! Can't wait to see the pics and read about this wonderful adventure.

    Safe travels Miss Anne.

  19. Coming out to California are you? Sounds like you're going to stay south in the desert areas - can't image anyone camping in the snowy Sierra right now or anytime soon. Another storm is heading in tonight. Brrr.

    Love your drawings, Anne. Wishing you exciting and safe adventures.

  20. Oh you are going to have the time of your life. It's coming so fast. Enjoy the time building up to your trip and then relax and have fun. I can't wait to hear all about it.
    Take care Anne. God Bless!!

  21. It's all I can do to not just get in Trucky and leave early....
    Why not, eh?
    My work week is done...... just sitting here like a dumb ass
    as per my usual self..... it didn't use to be like this.....
    I was once a vital person with good things going on!
    Not a nervous wreck...

  22. Thanks - I'm as safe there as I am in Dallas -
    or any place else I've ever visited!
    I did train in the Army for 8 years.....
    No stranger to tents or camping or hardship or
    things that suck

  23. Love, love love, these 'toons. One of my gools for fall is to hie u and down the GC. Can't wait to see your pictures!

  24. I am so behind on blogs...hope you have an amazing time!!! HUGS


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