17 March 2011

bubble and squeak

Good advice

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap
Says We Are All One

Being happy is good!

I'm pretty happy at home,
And pretty happy here,
And pretty happy lately all the way around.

I ate some chocolate covered blueberries last night.
With a cheery glass of Almond Champagne.
I am in the "Wine Country" part of California,
and they are known for the almond champagne.
Oh - I ended up calling them "blurberries"
- I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but I ate more this week-
More than in the last 5 years altogether!

I Wicked-ized myself today to be green for sure.

So yeah, getting out and about, trying new things,
trying to do it all without being anxious.
I was a wee little bit anxious the other day,
But I calmed myself down.
Because I knew there was nothing to fear.

The need to be in control all the time is 
not a strength..... 
kind of like being angry is not a "power"

So much to learn - it's all good!
Hope you are doing great today
Happy happy joy joy!

Thinking smile
*Extra Points* if you know what "bubble and squeak" 
is - without googling it, of course, eh?


  1. Happy happy joy joy...okay. Now I have Ren and Stimpy stuck in my head.

  2. You look great in green and pink. :)

    No need to be anxious. Life is one big adventure. And like a roller coaster, there are ups and downs but it's a good ride.

  3. sounds like good times! I love me some blueberries..yumm!

  4. And BLUR-berries!
    I am much less anxious about myself these days!
    'Bout time! (That's what she said!)

  5. You look pink to me, am I colored blind? lol That's right nothing to fear.

  6. Mmmmmmmmmm...peppermint soap. Divine!

  7. But you're the super GOOD witch, we all know that. :)

    I want a t-shirt that says NO SNIVELING. I can hang it up next to the one that says: NO CRAP CARBS!

    I'm a Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap lover. My eczema means I can't always use it, but in summertime, that peppermint blast is so refreshing. I need it come August to make me feel alive and less wilted. :)

  8. MMMMMMM chocolate covered blurberries!! hehehe...I want to try them! I plan on splurging a wee bit myself over the next few days, but not all wonky wild and outta control either.
    I like you HAPPY and also in pink and green. Reminds me, when I was in high school someone said that pink & green was the "preppy" color combo and purple and green was the punk color combo. To this day, deep purple and army green is a favorite combo! Keep having a blast!

  9. I LOVE chocolate covered blueberries! Yum!

  10. My husband was born in England and his parents came to Canada when he was little. We use to eat bubble and squeak and I'm not sure it is the same as you are thinking. We use to have this on Monday nights as Sunday we always had Roast Beef. It was potatoes and cabbage fried together and sometimes he added an egg (toad in the hole) or bacon if we didn't have roast beef. It was so good, my mum use to call it hash but not in the Wood household.......:-)Hugs

  11. I know what bubble and squeak is without googling! LOL! What do I win? A pot of gold perhaps?

    Love your green look. Glad you are happy and reminding yourself there is nothing to fear!

  12. I was born in England and bubble and squeak is leftover cabbage and potato fried up. Toad in the whole is bangers (sausage)in yorkshire pudding :)

  13. I don't even know what sniveling means let alone the bubble thing. But I do know I am glad to see you happy and enjoying yourself. I had a little epiphany after reading that bit about being in control. Wise words, my friend. That has been part of my problem forever. It's a good thing to learn.

  14. As always, great photos! Sometimes it's good to be green, and it's always good to be happy!

  15. I have no idea what bubble and squeak is but if it includes chocolate I'm totally down for it :-)

    You are having a very happy day and looks like a grand time with your friends. Love the tailgate party and all the good eats. Keep on enjoying!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day Anne H

    xo jj

  16. That is great advise :)
    So glad you are happy! Happy IS GOOD! :)
    I have no idea what bubble and squeak is...

  17. Hey girl, so qlad you are having fun. bubbles and squeak. sounds like your cleaning windows...lol....glad you are so happy, enjoy st. patricks day.

  18. My Aussie friend says "bubble and squeak"
    is a generic term for "left-overs...."
    "Odds and Sods......"
    Random Bits from here and there.
    Kinda like this post was a hodgepodge of randomness!


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