17 March 2011

salad queen

If you want to eat great food,
room with a fattie, eh?
We know alllllllll about it!
We are always planning the next meal.
Candle light even. Foot-candles!

A couple of my stellar salad creations
If I do say so myself!

We did a tailgate picnic -

"Yummy" is the only word to really describe it!
Good times - good friends!

PF Chang's by night.....

A wee little bit much carbs, eh? 
Then just cut back the next few days!
Carbs are not the enemy!
(Hear me now!)
They are neutral.... like everything in life.....
Can be friend or foe - depends on soooooo many factors.
Like amount,  time of day, carb quality, protein mix, etc, etc.....

In and Out Hamburger today
And a wee little bit of Almond Champagne for good luck!

A picnic! And - or - tailgate partay!
Hope you are having the best day in your life -
I love you so! ( I Love Everyone today!)


  1. Check the date - how did this happen!????

  2. :) It's happened to me before!!
    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

  3. Love the toes next to the salad!! Pretty!

    Whenever we go to Calllie, our first stop is In and Out! I know their locations by ever airport I go into. Since I have bee on my fitness quick, I budget the calories in, but still have one burger, no cheese and a few fries. Enjoy!!

  4. Loving your food choices!!! That is the coolest burger I've ever seen!

  5. I love California and In and Out!!!
    And Happy happy joy joy!

  6. that looks like some awesome food! I miss california so much!

  7. Are those Free-toes in the first picture? Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

    Love me some salad. Really love some PF Changs! Carbolicious. Sounds like a stage name. ha!

    Loving your trip pictures and all the adventures.

  8. "Free-toes!" hahahahah Cute.

    Looked like a lovely day and a lovely tailgate picnic. It looked like "Blonde Gals Al Fresco!" :)

    Female bonding--it's a beautiful thing!

  9. Maybe it's like a vow -
    No *such-and-such* food will pass through my hands!
    But I never said anything about feet!
    Foot Feed!
    Toe Jam?

  10. yummers!! and I dont like to get my food late either. I wanna sit down and have it set in front of me hehe

  11. That looked like such fun. I think I might have a picnic this weekend. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Wow, with a burger like that, who misses the bun???

  13. By the way, you are reminding me that blondes have more fun!!! lol... Considering going back blonde, you make it look so fab :)


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