13 December 2018

oh crap it’s thursday

Went home and went right to bed. 
Not much quality sleep here. 

I love Telemann. 
I was absent from school 
the day we talked  about Telemann 
In Music History. 
So I never got the full deal on him. 
Now he’s one of my favorites. 
I’m especially fond of recorder music. 

Rain rain rain. 
I love rain. 

Here’s a way to remember your food
When you’re at someone else’s house 
And you have leftovers or groceries 
You need to take with you. 

Just put your keys in the fridge! 
You can’t leave without them. 
Works every time! 
You’re welcome. 

The inside of a good fridge 
Is not much different 
than any outdoor environment. 
It won’t freeze. It’ll just be cold! 
I’m sure the keys don’t mind. 

The Christmas Spirit is here. 
You may all go home now. 

12 December 2018

oh crap it’s wednesday

Welcome to the Big City. 
Dallas is now like LA 
in terms of traffic. 
In a word, “unmanageable!”

Left close to 5 pm. 

No ice predicted. 
But hey. 

Marking your way in the world today 
Takes every you got

Taking a break from all your worries
Sure would help a lot! 

Tick Tock 
Still waiting. 

Detour!  Detour Will Robinson! 

Elapsed time 3 hours and 24 minutes. 
Door to door. 
I am done with traffic. 
Only once before was it this bad. 
I was stuck. Not moving. 
You couldn’t even exit. 
3 hours. 

Dear Elaine has these steaks ready. 
It’s nice having someone home. 
I felt like an ad for Brut33
Or English Leather or Aramis
From 1970. Walking in the door
To find dinner on the table. 


11 December 2018

oh crap it’s tuesday

Water Bathing Meat In Plastic 
Oil on Acrylic 
PM for price. 
You probably can’t afford it. 
Move along, dearie. 

I can count the number of times
I’ve had Pork Chops 
On one hand. 
They were never on my hand.
Per se. 

This is the Sous Vide. 
Many bloggers swear by it. 
It takes several hours 
To cook the food. 

Baked and crunchy Pork Belly 

I like Pork,
But I prefer beef. 

So for $100 
All my worldly problems 
Can be solved. 
So I figure “Why Not!?”

I left my Apple Watch at work. 
I was frantic because it wa lost-ed-ed. 

So I got no sleep data and no work out data
But I slept like a log and didn’t wake up
Until the alarm. 
And I had no wine or ETOH of any kind

Go figure.