01 April 2020

dumb ass people

Starting a fast today. 
Today’s the day. 
I’m ready. 
More ready than ever. 

No dairy! 
Can’t get it anyways. 
So it’s a good time to give it up. 

Also beer. 
I had a beer. 
“Yum!” thought I. 
“Yuk!” was more like it. 
Just like wine. 
It was kinda disgusting 
And disappointing. 

My body said NO
Even though my mind said YES! 
Ugh. Same shit. Different day. 

31 March 2020

heavy week

No traffic to speak of. 
25 minutes to work. 
Super good walk 15 minutes. 

I had a great Coaching Session. 
My coach is happy I’m doing well. 
The civilians are not doing well. 
They seem to be doing well
On tinderhooks.

Lol. I’ve always wanted 
To use that word. 

I avoid the one Nurse
by just not showing up early. 
She avoids me 
(The feeling is mutual)
By leaving on time. 
So our paths don’t cross. 

Amen and amen. 

30 March 2020

off day

Ugh. Crappy sleep. 

Fun with Flour. 
Never as fun in real life. 

 Somewhere out there is a kid
Who wanted to do 
the cutest YouTube video -
But mommy wasn’t impressed. 

5 years post injury. 
I have no limp. 
I worked hard to make that happen. 

Things are ramping up 
With CV 19. 
I call it Trump Virus. 
Strange days indeed. 
Most peculiar, mommy!