19 August 2018

shots fired

A pretty rainy evening in Irving. 
Autumn showers. 
Feels like spring. 
Still warm. 100 F 

Woke up to the very close
And distinct sound of shots being fired. 
Three shots. Then a pause. 
Then three more. 
I laid in bed and waited to hear a siren. 
No siren ever came. 
That was the scariest thing
I never heard. 

The sound triggered some old opossum. 
And he scampered around
On the roof. Poor guy. 

Everyone thought someone else 
was going to call 911. 
I guess the rule is to always call. 

So I got up early
And had some quiet time
With the Kittehs. 

On vacation, the cats had regular food. 
Dry, processed pellets with no grain. 
Very premium. But not raw. 
And they puked and pee’d everywhere. 
The cat equivalent of Taco Bell. 
Pure junk. 

Now they are frantically looking 
for a cat fast food “fix!”
They’re so affectionate 
When they want something. 

Don’t worry, little fur babies. 
You’ll be used to raw food again
In a few days. 

I know; I’m fasting with you. 
OMAD for me. Carnivore style. 
Lol Animal Style. 
The original Protein Style. 

Would you like a bowl of fresh cat hair?
Why yes, actually, I would! 
They love to be brushed.

A Facebook Cat Whiperer I like 
- or is it “Whisker~er”? - 
Said to play, eat and groom them
In that order. 
Because that is how they would 
catch a mouse in the wild.
 Play. Eat. And groom. 
Makes sense. 

18 August 2018

crazy dreams

So I’ve been having absolutely 
crazy dreams lately. 
Just vivid and wild. 

Still sleeping like 9 hours a day. 
Almost caught up. 

Have you noticed how 
The Wine Culture 
Is so happy and festive
And 100% embraceable?
Moms with wine. 
Wine here. Wine there. 

Wine is so hot right now. 
I find that it’s also very disruptive 
To my sleep. 
Isn’t that ironic? 
A little toooo ironic? 

I drank wine to help me sleep
And it helps me not sleep. 

17 August 2018

sleepless in seattle

The absolute perfection 

Absolute perfection 

OMG Moist Brisket perfection 

All that daylight in Seattle. 
Back home now, I slept 
20 hours in a dark, quiet, cool room. 
I woke up for about 6 hours
And did some errands.
 Errant ones, mainly. 

Not sure I even saw 
a comb or brush today. 
Even my hair has a day off.