02 December 2020

10 hours

I took off work early 
And went to bed right when I got home. 
I slept 10 hours. 
Not sure I even rolled over. 

He snuggled all night. 
I have YouTube Premium 
So I run music all night. 
No commercials. 
Last night was Telemann. 
Baby likes classical music. 

Last night was rainy 
So I snuggled and held his broken leg 
For warmth. I’m a 
Broken Leg Expert. 
Not by choice. Lol. 

Certainly never one to make fun of language. 
But this is adorable! 
I know some people who 
Would live these floors. 

My Nurse friend Pat
Gave me this awesome Lands’ End
Coat. Purple. 
Women’s XL. And it’s too big. 

01 December 2020

they moved the finish line

Food prep. 

It least it’s something 

One more beer 
Before I fast and dry fast. 
It’s good for kidney stones. 

Spent the day in Cleburne -
A small town about an hour away. 
Population 30,000
And largely pro-trump. 
Red-Neck, you might say. 

Doing absolutely nothing 
Driving and gawking. 

Except flipping off trumpsters 

And dreaming about flipping houses. 

They do have a Starbucks. 

Absolutely nothing. 
No cleaning. 
No shopping. 
I watched an old movie 
From the Seventies-
Poseidon Adventure 
Which I had never seen. 

How is this possible, you rightly ask? 

I never watched film until
A few years ago. 
Fun times! 

30 November 2020

off we go

Not mine. 
No tree this year. 

Lol the cat fell in the shower today 
With the water on full! 
You’ve never seen a faster cat. 

Le Tits Now! 
(Let It Snow)

Storms a coming. 
Gotta go get the hoses in. 

And probably a financial storm as well. 
Fucking Lame Duck Senate
Went home for the year
Before extending CoVid benefits. 
Millions are suffering. 
America sucks sometimes.