21 July 2014

the dreaded regain... and re-loss!

Just starting to work nights






We already know the answer to the question.
Em-FAT-ically .... no!

About 2 or 3 weeks on Strict Atkins

Day Job
Strict Atkins

Getting there...
Working days helps....

And not being under stress helps
In ways that you would not imagine or believe !

Sorry, Chet -
Not THAT Atkins!

This is the guy!
Thanks, Dr Atkins - 
Another life saved by Low Carb!

More to come - 
Less? lol

20 July 2014

bien sûre

Bound to be a story here....

Bitch, *please!*
You must ask nicely!

Random Lady

Look no more - here is the source

(Nearly) East Texas is a curious mix

Old and New

These Fruit Sands are everywhere!

Small town hardware stores -
Not so much

Just another washed out street

Small town stuff for sure

Wound Care - then Dinner 

19 July 2014

genghis grill

Genghis Grill

They are good for meats - but watch the sauces!
They have also added cabbage as a rice (or wrap) sub
And you can pick a size S-M-L

Went with Miss K -

It was great!

We made a commitment to walk so many times a week

Plenty of places nearby 

Three walks a week - is the goal -

Two regular ones, and one longer one ...
There are plenty of walking trails and lakes
In and near Dallas 

Its great to have a walking partner 
Who understands Low Carb - 
And is dedicated to getting healthy!
She helps inspire me!