19 October 2019

surprise allies

All of my nurse friends 
Have spoken up to defend me. 
They think the case manager 
is trying to get rid of me. 
(Probably because she did nothing about the wayward nurse and her errors.)
They think she should be written up 
And replaced.

Reuben Sandwich 

On Chaffles. 
I added caraway seeds 
and brown mustard 
To the egg and cheese mix. 

A guide. 

Back to being me. 

18 October 2019

worst day ever

I meditated all night 
When I couldn’t sleep. 

I got up early and walked. 

I’ve been doing my deep breathing 
To help with calming 
And Heart Rate Variability. 

I got up and read. 
“Share confusion and you are confused. 
For in the gap, no stable self exists.”
From A Course In Miracles. 

I’m Snaking Now. 
In times of stress, I’m not a binger. 
You won’t get me to eat 
Until this is resolved. 

So all the crap that’s gone on 
In this case, the case manager
 decided to write me up for fraud 
And violation of the Nurses
Code Of Conduct. 

She said I didn’t tell the office 
That the boy was at school. 

She thinks I committed fraud 
To sneak and keep $60. 

The regional manager was there 
(Probably to investigate the case manager) 
And said to write me up. 
They threatened me with legal action. 

I think someone dropped the ball, 
 and they started throwing people
 under the bus. 

She came to the patients home 
and reprimanded me 
In front of the patient and family. 

She should have done that in the office. 

I can’t eat. 
I can’t sleep. 
I can’t stop crying. 
In 30 years of Nursing 
I’ve never been reprimanded 
For anything. 

In fact, I’ve been 
Nurse Of The Year once 
And Nurse Of The Month
Many times. 

The family begged me not to quit. 
I’m not sure what to do. 

16 October 2019

clean up day

I finally got better 
And woke up 
In a perfect mood. 

My body is a good one. 
It never gets sick 
Unless I mess it up. 
And it gets better fast. 

Very few mysteries. 
No major issues. 
No medication. 
Just my gall bladder removed. 

I wear glasses, but just for driving. 
My vision has improved 6 times
In the past 10 years- with low carb. 
I don’t wear reading glasses. 

It’s like when you get a cat 
from the humane society. 
You pick one and hope it’s a good one. 

When I was a little cherub, 
Getting ready to come to earth,
I picked out a good body. 

All my time growing up
Or in young adulthood, 
No one ever told me 
I was going to be ok. 

In fact, people questioned and doubted
every decision I made. 

So I decided to tell myself 
That everything is going to be ok. 

I still take the Trinity 
Every day. It’s really a happy place.