15 July 2020

big day

Hey bud

Always tome for cats 

Water the bare parts. 
To make the grass grow to the water. 

A nice look but a really invasive plant. 
Virginia Creeper. 

14 July 2020


Traffic traffic everywhere 

Social distancing with Elaine

I never noticed Coleus before. 
I’m not sure I even knew their name. 

Things that grow in Texas. 
We’re Zone 8a. 
Parts of Dallas are Zone 8B 

Some have yellow flowers 

But I think it’s a Trumpet Vine. 

Creeping Purple Heart. 

Pride of Barbados. 
I looked this up. 
Texas A&M says it’s a future star 
Of the Texas landscape. 
Food for heat and drought. 

12 July 2020

the hustle

Dallas is famous for microbursts. 
And small little tornadoes. 
We had 60 mph winds at 3 am. 
And we lost power. 

A romantic breakfast 
With cats by flashlight. 

A few limbs down

The old Container Store
My GF and I once shopped at
Is gone. Sign of the times. 

Keeping true to Dr Bob
I can go up to 40 carbs 
And even occasionally 100 carbs a day
With no gain. 
BUT- I have cravings. 

Starting now- back to Snaking 
And Ketones. 
M problem always was 
The balancing point between the two. 

I don’t like straight up Ketogenic 
Because I don’t have a gallbladder. 
And it’s hard to monitor. 

So IF and Snaking 
Seem to be my best choices. 

Check out mah moustache,
Ladies!  Lol

I look like someone named
Rizzo  or Ricco 
And I’m ready to bust some ass!

I bought the iPhone 11 
And had to have help syncing up. 
Lots of memory. 264 Gigs 
I take so many pictures 
My old phone was crashing 
From lack of space. 

I wonder why I finally have some down time. 
But I’m so busy now, I can’t keep up. 
Probably because all I’ve done
Since January is work and sleep. 
So these errands are backing up.