02 August 2017

1 aug

Dallas has such a pretty skyline
Because it has so many glass buildings 

First Drink your water.
This much. Every day.

This is an awesome hot sauce recipe I just learned!

Joseph is finally eating Raw Meat!
It took him a good time to come around.
I guess he never read the book 
About cats liking raw meat.

More Instant Pot.
So easy - so fast.


NO - it's not "instant" like a microwave 
From the movie The Fifth Element.
But still faster than a Crock Pot.

Dallas is big. But it is made up of littler cities.
Like Irving. My new job is closer to home.
No more driving 50+ miles each way,
Just to get to work.

Still - this is me.
I am just glad August is here!

25 July 2017

raw meat kitteh

This cat love raw meat.

He waits for it.
He loves it!

Too high of BG readings. 
That must change.


Daisy give me her full sopport

No buns please.
Not even a little biddy bite.

Blue Skies.
Sorry. No Low Carb Pies.
(Remember that blog? )

This summer is full of changes.
Incredible changes!
I never saw them coming.
And yet - here they are!

19 July 2017

less driving day

My lovely city

Sugarless deLite - Rick
THE nicest guy in town!

Have you ever noticed that when you are happy, colors are brighter?

Must be all the good Instant Pot Food

Not this. But NEXT, I am trying Short Ribs

Ummm.... still way too many carbs

Lunch out

I planted these! Rather.... I had some help.
It is nice to work in the yard.

It it nice to sit on the fresh laundry.

It is nice to just sit.

So I moved companies from Denton to right down the street.
Well.... its a pretty long street. But still!

It will be good to not have so much paperwork!
And it will be good to be home every day
Soon enough to get something done.

Home Health Nursing is like the Angel Of Music.
Very Strict. Just saying.