13 November 2018

hbd dinner

A nice and thoughtful dinner
Just for me! 
This scarf was hand knitted for me
And it’s the softest thing ever. 

Woke up to a higher blood glucose. 
Not happy about that. 
But I should have seen it coming. 

So today all the party stuff is out of the way. 
I don’t really put that much emphasis 
On celebrating Thanksgiving
Or Christmas. Just my birthday. 
And Veterans Day. 

So I’m done for the year. 

Still studying on how to get 
my deep sleep pulse lower. 

A normal resting pulse at work for me is 
70 to 80. Depends on how much 
Running around I do. Obviously. 

12 November 2018


As completely silly as it is 
I still like celebrating my birthday. 

I guess some people won’t be happy 
Until I don’t care about it,
And become just as bitter and entrenched 
As they are and say things like 
“A day is a day is a day...”

But not me! 
Today is a big day for me. 

I never really made up my mind
To do low carb. It just kinda happened. 
Being stranded in the Grand Canyon 
As I was. 

I never really looked in the mirror 
and shook my little plump fist,
And said to the Fat Girl looking back at me
Hey! I want to change! 
I just kinda fell into it. 

Now that I’ve been fasting for a year +
I have the feeedom to eat 
Pretty much anything I want. 
But should I- just because I can? 
Probably not. 

My blood work revealed basically 
No changes in half a year of Ramadan Food. 
Namely Roti, and occasional rice. 
Things I never thought I could eat again. 

But what of gluten? 
AGES? Leptin? 
It’s not all about Glucose
And Weight. 

More to come. 
I’m cracking open a monster 

11 November 2018

Veterans Day

Last year

This year 

That sky, though

This year was a melancholy trip for me. 

On the way there, I stopped 
at nearby Dallas Baptist University. 
A smal campus with narrow, tree-lined streets 
Which probably looked a lot like 
An Early American township. 
Way back in the day. 

You can tell where I got up to pee. 
Lol. Now the internet knows I pee at night. 
You can also tell when my 
housemate came home. 
He talks in his sleep. Loud. 
I guess it’s back to earplugs! 
I can’t keep a fan going 
Maybe the iPhone has a white noise app. 

This insomnia sucks balls. 
It’s taking all the joy from my life. 

Me - back in the day.