05 December 2021


Lousy sleep. 
Guess why? 

Clara, Prince, and Rat King. 
 The sister on the case is a true prodigy. 
I’ve never seen anything like it. 
I hope she stays pure. 

I’m also done caring.
If a patient wants to ruinnhis life, 
And is hell bent on doing it - 
Despite the terrible, negative consequences. 
Well- I can’t stop him. 

Finally I have the serenity to accept 
The things I can not change. 

04 December 2021

power day

I love not drinking wine now. 
If someone said “Here’s some wine!”
I would say “Yuk! Do I have to?”
The switch is complete now. 

Inching my way to 6,000

We don’t have mountains. 
Not beaches. Not large lake effects. 
Our weather is just crazy. 

Not drinking helped immensely. 
But having a good with high water content
Is keeping me hydrated for sure. 

These Egg Bites are ready made. 
I add SF Syrup and Hott Sauce. 

These keep vanishing. 
It’s magic! 
Or sabotage. Not sure. 
Maybe both. 
I hate being hated at work. 

Ye Olde Bathroom Selfie

Heh heh 

03 December 2021

office day

Crazy dreams. 
I was lost in a huge facility 
and couldn’t find my patient. 

Errands with lots of walking. 

BBQ plus Groll

Plus Ribeye 

Equals yum !

Advent Wine. 
For the person who has everything. 

New glasses. 
New scrubs. 
New socks. 
New shoes. 
New phone. 
New tires. 
New year- old me!