23 September 2018

prepping owls

Place looks like a garage sale 
For Harry Potter. 
All the owls. 

Thanks goodness for the Dollar Tree! 

So I took yearbook pictures. 
And ran them through a filter. 

I think I looks nice. 

Such heavy rain! 
I absolutely love it. 

Spinach and Spices. 

This yogurt. Mmmmm. 

Ready for that new style! 

22 September 2018


I went to Oklahoma 
To buy little owl figurines 
For the Reunion. 
Which is 3 weeks from today. 

Just on the other side of Gordonville. 
I know this place (semi) well. 

I never complain about road trips. 
I love love love to drive!

If you need any extra guys 
Now you know where to look. 

Does anyone else have this problem?
I can’t be the only lazy forgetful one. 

Leftover Salmon with Balsamic Reduction. 

The reduction. Easy recipe. 
Vinegar. Dijon Mustard. Honey. Garlic. 

I use honey so infrequently 
It goes bad   So I use the sticks. 
Best leftovers ever. 

My posters arrived. 

They look great! 
I took the pictures myself. 

Ollie Owls, do your thing! 
And protect them from the cats! 

21 September 2018

salmon from alaska

Big - aren’t they?
 This Fish came directly from Alaska. 

Balsamic vinegar reduction. 

The Money Shot. 
These were as thick as Steaks. 
Salmon Steaks.