18 March 2018

first position

Thrird Position. 
Note the feet!

Getting my Range Of Motion back
Bit by Bit!

My weekends are now filled with pediatric cases. 
In this case, the sister wants to do ballet. 

Yesterday we hit balloon back and forth. 
Any involvement is good involvement 
With some of these kids! 

So the Super Dee Duper Fast
Has started. As of last night. 

So many of my friends are Snaking. 
Some of them do it “better” 
And get good results. 
Some - much better than me! 

So get your thinking cap on! 
And get your notebook out! 
We’re going to figure out some clues! 

16 March 2018

oak cliff days

A quick trip around the neighborhood. 
Oak Cliff ! 

The house I stay at 
Has the best kitchen ever! 

It’s not “like” a Chef’s Kitchen. 
It IS a Chef’s Kitchen! 

Snake On! 

Can’t wait to serve up some nice 
Salami and Cheese 
On my new cutting board! 

It seems like fasting is easy 
But it’s tricky. 
I sometimes have some caffeine 
And pay the price. 
I can gain water weight like crazy! 
It’s all about being strict mentally. 
Most people don’t have it in them to fast. 
It’s just too freaking hard. 

lazy day

Not skinny. 
Not fat. 

Hopefully no one you know!

Some Chinese Take-Out from the neighborhood. 
My lament is now finding a good place
To eat where I don’t have to cook. 
In short, there is no meal like a home cooked meal 
Made with quality ingredients- and Love 💕 

2 hour PP reading yesterday 
Even with some starch 

This mornings reading. 
Not good. Not bad. 
I’ll take it!

I took one more day and a half off work. 
I’m going to fast and I want to be 
As ready as I can be. 
For me, my “hard day” is always 
at the 24 hour mark. 
But you don’t want to start
Unless you are fully committed 
And hydrated. 

Coconut Water has some carbs. 
And that’s probably why it’s so hydrating!
I have this at my bedside. 
And the migraines have stopped. 

So here we go! Day One