21 May 2018

30 day challenge

Snake Juice on board 

Safe snacks for later 

Usually a challenge is the death rattle for me. 
Never ends nicely. 

So I’m going to try with new hope! 
I want to be ready for my vacation. 
So I’m starting now! 
70 days. Plenty of time. 
If I start now. 
I will (shall?) (try?)
To work out every day for 30 days.  

There. Said it. It’s out there. 
Let’s see in 30 days 
If YOU can see a change. 

pf days

Might rain

Sho nuff did! 
I still got a short morning walk in. 

Worked all day 
Went to Planet Fitness 
Walked, did some weights,

Did my workout Fasted

Not bad for the day. 

Mr Love Dove was here for me 
When I got home. 

The Baby still can’t jump. 

A lovely spread for Ramadan. 
Not mine. Just lovely. 

20 May 2018

Ramadan days

Another Ramadan meal. 
Goat Rice, Chicken, 
Cashew Butter/ Hummus
Cuke Salad, Roti (bread)

Blonde moment:
I accidentally dropped my spoon,
And had this feeling to not ask for another....
So I used a Banana peel
As a spoon/ scoop. 

I only ate a few bites of Rice,
A nibble of a Date,
I ate and chewed really slowly ....

Chai Latte Tea
Authentic- but no sweetener...

Cashew Fingers
Probably had almond or coconut flour

And behold!
111 at 2 hours PP!

Dough in the hair. 
 Yesterday, it was Pink Slime. 
In the hair. Yep! 
The joys of working Pediatrics!

Better keep the hijab on. 

My reward is a gentle night
And some quiet music 
At the end of the long week!

May Peace Be Upon You!