20 August 2014

too busy

Wants to rain - can't

Sherri cooked this!

Bach off, Offenbach

The things you see whilst driving around

So busy these days -
Had to see if I forgot my pants or shoes!

Trucky in the shade

Stopped for lunch

One Nurse in on vacation.
And another Nurse just up and quit.
I am trying to see everyone I can.
Not sure why this is my problem.
I told the Boss I can't do it all - and drive.
Some days I spend 4 or 6 hours driving!
More time driving than seeing patients.
That is not good!

So the Boss gets out and sees patients!
That is what a Manager should do.
The difference between a Manager and a Supervisor.
Get up off your butt and help the "little people."
Thanks, Boss!

Leftover Scramble
Thanks, Sherri!

17 August 2014

working around the place day

Country driving

Round Up and Candy.. same aisle

Working on some projects with Sherri


Double Double Protein Style

A lady came up and asked what we were eating...
She was cutting back on Gluten - 
So... the word is finally getting out there!


Hebrew National Hot Dogs, 
Fried In Butter.
With Onions. And Cheese.
Fried Cheese.


15 August 2014

kalachakra mediation center

I keep finding sweet little places in the country

Must have been many many acres

A beautiful Buddhist Temple

How nice - right in the middle of nowhere!