02 September 2014

labs summer 2014

My chronic dislike for table salt is showing up in low Na and Cl ! (lol)
And look at the iron..... no wonder I am tired all the time! (Gotta boost that up a bit)

But the HDL is over the top.....
The LDL is in line (I'll take it)
And if anyone wants to do the ratios I will take that, too!

Triglycerides - yep! Who needs fancy meds when the real offender is Fructose!
Yes - Fructose. They say now that Fructose makes Triglycerides!

And you know I eat red meat like all day, every day....
And all the bacon, eggs and cheese I can!

01 September 2014

a sauce is not a sauce is not a sauce

Here's another test.
This is Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. (link)

From the web site

Some people like just meat.
I like a little dash of sauce. For flavor.
This has 1 carb and uses Sugar.
The "natural" ingredient is probably Soy. 
Might be Anchovy something.
Note to self:  write and ask them.
I'll get back to you!

This is French's Worcestershire Sauce. (link)
Probably a dollar cheaper. But the Fructose is not good!

From the website.

Same amount of carbs.
But the ingredients are everything!
If you go through a few big bottles of sauce or dressing a year,
It might be wise to slowly upgrade to the good stuff!
For the sake of your health.

31 August 2014

resting and eating

Take a cooler when you know you are going to the store!

Chillin ' -
It's not just for Nerds anymore.

Wow - look at that 

Anyone know what this is?

Anyone? Anyone?
I know... but this is a test.

Enjoy them while we have a chance

I like the Purple Onions for salad
 Don't know why... just do.

Sherri has full command of the kitchen now!
Celtic Sea Salt is the best -
On the Mystery Veggie
 (Give up? Have you guessed yet?)

Selected Choice, Primarily

 Gilled for sure

Fried Sautéed  Mushrooms and Onions 
With a dash of Worcestershire Sauce

The Roasted "Things" 
Can also be grilled.....
Give up? It's Broccolini! (link)
All on the plate.
Thanks, Sherri et all.... 

 A wonderful time was had by all!

I have slept 14 + hours a night for nearly two weeks!
And finally feel caught up!
So now - back to work 
With cooler temps?