12 June 2015

all labs

As a Nurse on Low Carb, 
I am constantly asked
If I know how *BAD* LC is for me:
It always makes me laugh out loud!

I have lost and kept off very close to 90 pounds
(It was closer to 100 but I gained some muscle in Cross Fit
And I have about 10 pounds (of skin) and some weight to lose, in fact)
Since I never weighed to start, 
Let's just say I have lost A LOT of weight!

My last BP was 117/70
Pulse 74 with no missed beats
(When I was heavy, I was in and out of A-Fib)

My labs are better, and my vision is better! 
At the tender age of 54, I don't wear bifocals
And just wear glasses to drive!

So tell me again how eating no bread, no potatoes,
And no cake or candy is "bad" for me? 

I just happened to have labs done about a month before I was injured.
Now I have this current set to compare!
I keep meticulous records - for the supporters
AND the naysayers of the Low Carb Lifestyle.
It helps, too, that I have kept a food journal
In the form of daily photographs...
(EVEN on the days I cheated or tried to beat the system!)

So here are my labs- for all the world to see.
You are welcome!

The BUN is higher than before, probably due to injury
Or mild dehydration - NOT excess protein!

ALT up a bit from injury and reabsorption 
Of that bruise from my knee to my ankle...

Please note the Ha1C on its way down!

And the Cholesterol - And the Triglycerides!
The more strict I am to LC
The better my labs improve.
Atkins was definitely ahead of his time!

11 June 2015

belated post - injury


Lots of good food - 
And for me, that means Low Carb
And some light range of motion - stretching
And partial weight-bearing crutch walking!

I still am not free from pain - 
And prone to lots of crying!  :(
I appreciate everyone checking in on me -
And all your kind, healing thoughts!

09 June 2015

a fatty leg story

Got up early to take Lyft -
To the VA for a check up - follow up

It is a totally different place at 4 am-
Than it is a 10 am!

I tell him - I don't know - it is JUST a contusion, right?
Doc asks me about my diet.
I tell him I am on Low Carb, and have had GREAT success with it.
My labs are much better - as good as anyone on a low fat diet.
He says Yes - I agree!
(wow - I have waited a long time to hear a Doc agree with that!)

But he thinks that because of my being heavy for so many years,
I caused microscopic damage to my knees.
And now, with an injury -
Well, it show up in the form a delayed healing.
Hell told me to come back in a week.
And ditch the wheelchair.
Just use the crutches, and he can release me to work.

Then he asked about Lyft - 
And I told him how great it is!
I got a good Doc - thank goodness!
He also told me to lose 10 pounds
Which is fair. 
I guess some weight is skin and some is just aging.
I did good at 150 - 155.
Still wear the same size - 
But wear it "better" - you  know!