15 February 2019

a good night

Wow. This is a first. 
I didn’t wake up. All night. 
Even to go to the little Nurses room. 

Still walking early in the morning. 
Every morning. 
I haven’t a planned walk missed yet. 
In other words, I don’t talk 
myself out of it and hit snooze. 

Still no wine. I didn’t keep track of 
The exact moment in time when I stopped, 
Because I have an unusual definition of stopping. 

If you go on Atkins, or Paleo 
- or any lifestyle change -
And you have one cheat meal, 
Do you have to restart the clock 
The next day? 
Or can you still say you were LC
Even with the deviations? 

I consider myself to be LC
Even though I don’t eat every single meal
For the rest of my life as strict LC.  

Same with drinking. 
Some people who embrace
 the disease model of addiction 
Count every “slip up” as a time to reset. 
My god. If we Fatties did that, 
we wouldn’t make it at all! 

Most of us will think about food 
Much of the day. 
It’s a fine walk. 

Speaking of food...

Leftover Quiche is better 
than the first night. 

Getting ready for camping. 
This is dryer lint. In a toilet paper tube. 
Light this up and you have instant kindling. 

This kind of thing keeps showing up. 
I guess that’s ok. 
Goodness knows I’ve 
typed her name enough 
To prompt every algorithm. 

Planning some big things.
While working on the little things. 
Like walking. And meditation. 
And keeping on plan with eating. 

14 February 2019

heart rate variability

Nice and low. The way I like it. 
I think walking helps. 

I’m getting plenty of REM 
Deep sleep. 
A nice dip from my waking pulse 

Even from the start I get plenty of REM. 
The dip was not good.  
Not enough of a dip. 

Love this gadget most of all. 
It’s like my best tool. 
A treasured advisor. 

HRV is the space between beats. 
It shows stress. 
Probably inflammation. 
The space between beats SHOULD be rest. 

Here’s from when the Baby died. 
Lots of stress. 

quiche soufflé

This Quiche was more like a Soufflé! 

Crustless Quiche. 
One with Spiaach. 
One with Nutmeg. 
They were more like Custard. 
So good! 

Snacks to keep the cooks happy 

I do not approve.  

I do. Where we going?

Rubber Band offering to the Food Gods.