24 August 2019

meme stealer

chicken of the sea

Friday nights are the worst for me. 
I had a glass of wine. 
Cabernet Blanc- my fave, actually. 
And it had its 6 hour mark. 
Not my fave. 
Woke up to a bounding heart. 
Probably milddehydration.  

Spent all day at the clinic.
They have a system where a driver 
Is paid to transport kids to and from. 
But they’re always late. 
It’s not unusual to wait 3 hours. 
After the promised pick up time. 
So I had this. 

Hi Love Dove. 
She flew in to say Hi!
*kiss kiss*

Interesting ground cover. 

Nut shells! 

So the Roomie moved the can of tuna. 
Only because we’re having company. 

He left his usual collection of cans 
On the patio and he left the door 
to the house open and unlocked. 

We don’t speak anymore
Whereas before we said hi
And even chatted about 
This and that. 
It’s much easier this way. 

They have mail forwarded services 
For things like vehicle registration 
And driver license stuff. 

Eventually I might not even need a home base. 
So many things are 100% on line. 

23 August 2019

tuna stand off

Got to water the poor trees. 
It’s hot with no rain. 
So much for the drought being over. 

I Love You. 
You’re Perfect. 
Now- Change. 

Good title! 

It always changes. 
Well... just in the crazy realms. 

The mess I inherit every shift. 

Is I did this I would not have
 a job to come back to. 

Such laziness and incompetence 
I have never seen - on any case. 
A grade schooler could do better than this. 
Some RNs let the title 
Gto their head. 

Yes. Stranger. 
I am now a stranger to myself. 
I would never have moved in here 
If I had known I would be living
Like this. 

The silent treatment continues.
There’s a can of tuna, 
Partiality opened- that’s been 
Sitting on the counter for 
Over a week. 
We’re in a Death Match
 to see who eventually throws it away.