31 August 2015

castaway on the moon

Once I got my handicapped parking sticker
Life became MUCH easier

Although sometimes it is still kinda rough

Got behind this guy -
Who paid for all his stuff - with quarters...

Taking clothes to the cleaner is something 
That will never get old

You can actually buy everything online now,
And never have to leave your place.
I am convinced of that!

Practicing with the Trekking Sticks
They really help and 
They are an upper body workout!

Had this delivered 

A pivoting seat for driving

29 August 2015

fist walk

Now the Tibial Plateau is broken,
It can't get any more broke, said the Doc

Well, actually, it could...
But I need to get back to some kind of walking plan 

With a nice Lunch - Thanks, Sherri!

And plenty of slow pacing and rest stops!

27 August 2015

a taxing day

Spent all day at the IRS - 
Be careful when you talk to them....
You might die from a typo -

Nice to be home

Fajitas without the Tortillas 

Hot Dog without the Buns

Ox Tail without the Tail

Not mine - but what a haul!

Someone put this on my FB page - 
Nice to look at for sure.