18 June 2019

errant errand day

Because I’m stressed and gaining 
I now take a full day off to do nothing. 
Absolutely nothing. 

That stress is real. 
I can gain a pound a day 
Without changing anything. 
It’s wiggly fat. 
Like bloating. 

Some day, someone will study 
and name how cortisol works. 

I take a total day off 
and recover from work. 
Then I do my errands on day off #2. 

Keto is so popular right now. 
Beware. And be aware. 
There’s bound to be bad info out there. 

About 20 carbs in this chili. 
If you eat the whole can. 

My babies. 

Pretty good cat pics
If I do say so myself. 

The babies have been Raw Cornivore
For two full years. 

The orange and white one 
Is diabetic. And much better now. 
On zero carb. 

I do love this guy. 
Cole Robinson. 
Snake Juice Diet. 

He says if you gain, 
go back to fasting 

If you have a big party coming up,
Fast in advance. 

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting 
And having one meal a day for over a year. 
But I have also been able to have
Occasional forbidden food 
And it never affected my blood glucose
Or weight. 

But add the stress
 and I blew up like a puffer fish. 
With stress, the effect of even 
a little carbs are greatly amplified. 

Back to Snaking. 
The immediate plan is 
To do Snake Juice till August. 
Pete comes back from vacation 
in August. No temptation. 
Nice and easy days. 
Time off to go to the gym. 

Edited to add. 
I drank cheap wine,
and it gave me an ulcer. 
I drank mid range wine 
And no ulcer but -
It’s out of my league $$. 
So no wine and eating out,
and I can have an extra day off
Now and then. 
Which is perfect for stress reduction. 

17 June 2019

hanging out with my boyz

Heavy rains. 
Sirens going off. 
Big summer rain. 

I like having a day off. 
To do absolutely nothing. 
Play with cats. 
Maybe do some errands. 

I’m putting together a book. 
A training book for nurses. 
So no more excuses 
About not knowing what to do
Or where to find something. 

This was 2013. 
Hanging out with people 
Cooking from recipe books. 
I don’t do well with recipe books. 
Although I love them. 

I do much better when I just stick to basics. 

Back to basics. 
Every single day. 

16 June 2019

oh em gee

Slept good with a storm outside. 
My favorite sleep. 

Facebook stuff
I posted a picture of the beautiful
 and classy First Lady
-Be Best!-
But it was so trashy, actually, 
 I was banned from Facebook 
For 24 hours. 

Lol. Really. 

My bad.