08 December 2016

office christmas party

Thing guy - is every where this year

This house had the most unusual netting all around it.
And some kind of radioactive snow.

THIS GUY had enough of traffic

He just got out of his car and walked away -
On the concrete embankment 

For the first time in my life, I had Lasagna
Made by a person who cooks real Italian.
The Italian Sausage was perfect.
I finally got it!
And she was pretty "meh" that I did not eat the pasta.
But that is ok.

Same thing with the Chicken.
Perfect Italian Chicken soup.

Ahhh -- A Foodie Kitchen

I helped a Diabetic Patient decorate a tree!

I was the only one there in scrubs.
I came right after work - and didn't get a chance to change.
Everyone else is really a local.

My wonderful bosses gave a wonderful party

The Money Shot -
And wouldn't you know it -
It is blurry!

06 December 2016

too busy

It is nice here in DFW for like 2 days. 
Then cold. So enjoy it!

This was yuckky and gave me heartburn.

Mine, on the other hand, was yummy.

And everyone ate it all and lived happily ever after.

This one Facility (Nursing Home) had a contest 
To see who could put up the "best" tree.
So of course, the now have several trees!


Pediatric Nursing 101

Now - back to work!

23 November 2016

t giving times

Believe In Your Selfie

BBQ at the local Brookshires in Denton

Too soon? Nah 

This lovely mug showed up while I was closing out my apartment -
Moving again... can you believe it?
I can't believe it myself!

I don't drink enough water so I started carrying it around 

Profitable Day Today

The Hospital that started it all nearly 30 years ago
Driving by here with Sherri -
I decided to become a Nurse... and work here...
Which I did... after the war, that is

Students go to school in Barracks like this -
Did you know?

Pie Be Gone

Interesting the names one sees at Costco

This will be the next big thing
No love interest... 
Just a story... that is a fresh take on it

Of course - Xmas is here

Don't forget your teachers and nurses... lol

Cindy likes a Salad from here... so I got one as well...
Chik-Fil-A ... well you know... ok...

Happy ThanksGiving to EveryOne!