19 March 2011

temecula, ca

A Duck Pond makes for a lovely walk

A 15 minute call could save you 15% or more!

Got them in a row, I think

I like this one

She went, too

Art in Duck Pond

Letters to Home Statues

Had to buy a new jacket while I was here....
It actually fits!

Ate the bottom slice of rye bread 
On a patty melt ..... it was really good!

Good friends, good times
Out and about in Old Town Temecula, California....
After a week-long seminar on death and dying

Been gone from home so long, 
I had to do my hair today! 
Still not quite ready to come home.....
It's true - I am having more fun!

Wish wish wish you were here!
Are you having fun yet?


  1. The photos are so beautiful, especially that big night time panorama. The hair looks good! It's great to see you happy and having so much of fun :)

  2. You are right by my youngest daughter. Both my daughters and I have shopped the Old Town Temecula stores a few times. There is a great barbecue place there too. I know what you mean about not being ready to go home yet. Enjoy yourself.

  3. How funny! I am hoping to move to Temecula within the next year and earlier this week, I was looking at photos of the Duck Pond park and now you post yours! Cool!

  4. Thanks, y'all!
    WOW! How cool is that?!
    Yeah, Temecula is great -
    I've been here all week!
    It's beautiful out here!

  5. You are visiting the nicest places :)

  6. Love the pics...they just get better every day...how can this be?

    Patty melt looks yum!

    Love the hair. Have fun at Wicked!!! Don't forget to moondance tonight!

  7. Cute duckies and lizard. Looks like fun,as always. Glad you're having such a wonderful time.

  8. Got the ducks in a row ...hee hee...you are amazing :)

  9. Looks nice...lv the sunset picture....looks like a nice place to visit and am glad you're having such a good time.

  10. Hi Anne, It's nice to see you beaming in your new smaller jacket!!!! You're looking like you are fully embracing and enjoying vacation and that's awesome.

    Your photos are amazing, especially that last gorgeous city view. Wow-- What a sight to see.

    Don't forget this Sunday is the LA Marathon so avoid downtown and the Westside of LA (or check the marathon route for closure) if you're thinking of hitting the beach up here again.

    Love the hair. You look like a movie star!

    xo jj

  11. What a fabulous Sky...that looks just amazing ( therye bread looked great too!)


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