05 March 2011

camping 101

A Happy Camper

I hiked Carlsbad Caverns today!
Just the "short" hour long route....
Two years ago, I took the long way - 
No one told me at the time - it's almost 80 stories!

Rugged and beautiful

You should hear the birds --
So loud, you can't hear anything else!

This had better count as a work out!

Really do wish you were here!


  1. Perfect day!!! Yeah and thank you so much for sharing. I had forgotten we were there while driving truck. Thank you for the memories. now I gotta go find the album.
    Take care Anne, sleep well and God Bless!!

  2. Beautiful! Have a great sleep!

  3. Haven't been there since I was a teenager. You'll be a pro at setting up that tent within a couple of days!

  4. Still no going camping, no matter how much FUN you make it look! lol

  5. I'm pretty sure that your getting a lot of exercise :)

  6. Carlsbad Caverns!!!! I did those when I was 13. It's amazing! Glad you got to see it and YES it definitely counts as a BIG workout.
    Have fun! xo jj

  7. Carlsbad Caverns is one of my alltime favorite places! We went there when I was about 9 yrs old, and I never forgot it. It's on my "bucket list" to go again. :-)


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