18 March 2011

down un-dah

A lovely present from Australia -
Crocodile Jerky! Corker!

A marble bag made from a Kangaroo Scrotum
Poor roo!

A gigantic Aussie fly swatter
A Whacker for sure! Bugger!

They call the mosquito "Mozzie"
A blowfly is a "Blowie"
A sandfly is a "Midgie"

A lovely salad - needs more snag 
Struth! [strooth]

This sheila tries to do inverted push-ups
Good on ya!

Here's me needing to go on a walkabout
instead of taking the Ute (Trucky)

A fair dinkum indoor picnic!
Lots of tucker, mate! 
Needless to say, I was stoked.

Blokes in California do it spot on!
Later we put the billy on for a cuppa (tea) [at tea]
And chook and prawns and chokkie

My fortunate fortune!
[Holiday - not vacation, eh?]
Might just give it a go. No worries!

No need to Spit the Dummy - just 

Shoot through! No ankle-biters here!

 Bloody G'Day, mates! (Wankers!)
Are you having the best day yet?
Today is the only day there is.
Might as well make it a good one, eh?
Catch ya 'round! Hooray!


    tried it
    gagged a bit

  2. Kangaroo jerky...interesting!

    Love the indoor picnic and the fortunate fortune.

  3. I had some fried gator tail once. It was very tough. Not an experience I would want to repeat. :)

  4. a strange marble bag for sure...lol. enjoy your day and I hope it is your very best one. hugs.

  5. Scrotums and Wackers and Inverted pushups ...a walk would do you good!

    If I wasn't there myself to see you receive those presents I would have thought you just made this all up.

    Who brought the picnic basket? You saved the post with that classy presentation...I'm just saying a little Almond Champagne makes that kangaroo scrotum look like a wearable accessory :)

    Love you mean it!

  6. Zafu - of course - had the picnic basket
    She's one classie lassie!

  7. Crockodile jerky and kangaroo scrotum? Oh my.

    OK, I'm having trouble understanding Aussie. LOL But I hope you're having a wonderful day. :)

  8. Me too, Kelly!
    I think she's been talking smack to me all week.
    And here's me - thinking it was something good!
    Typical, eh?

  9. The marble bag is kinda icky to think about - of course, they do that here with the bulls, and yes, that's gross too!

    My former boss's partner was Australian, so you're talking very familiar phrases to me. I loved chatting with him - it was always so much fun to hear his accent and catch the way they phrase things.

    Glad you are still having such an adventure out there!

  10. That marble bag is definitely a "conversation piece" but very fun.

    I have a cousin who speaks Hebrew but learned to speak English in Australia. He has one funny accent but it's so fun to hear his expressions and how he translates things for us.

    Sounds like you are having a total blast with a great group of folks. Keep on keeping on and enjoy! xo jj

  11. Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda,
    Blah blah blah blah blah,
    And he sang as he hummed as he da da da da
    La la la.......♪♫♬♫♬♪♫
    You'll go A-Waltzing Matilda with meeeeee!!!!!

  12. Crikey! I practically needed a translator program to read this one, LOL!


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