01 April 2011

just a day

Went for a lovely walk

Some guy was checkin' me out.....
Eyes up and down - what?!

 Monster sent me a package of stickers!

I should get kicked out of more places....
Who knows why I don't!
I was trying to have a beard here....

Call it my April Fool's silliness!
Spring is here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Great time for walking and being outside!

Sugar Free Fro Yo from my fave guys at Sugarless de Lite

Dinner at home - it's all in the spices, girls....

Dreamfield's Pasta and chicken with green beans...
And water chestnuts .... for that added crunch!

I cook the pasta in broth... not water....
for added flavor.... not sure if that's correct or not!

Went knocking on doors today - literally - 
to ask about info on becoming a trainer....
No one knows anything... but 
everyone knows some one who does!
Isn't that always how it is!?!

I found a little gym that looks promising.
I think it would be great to work with a trainer
for a month or so - to kick off the Spring/Summer
in the "right" way!  

Back to work today!
Hospice is not easy work, and my boss likes it
when we take off..... she also likes it when we come back...
So back I go!

Thanks for reading - 
Hope you are having a great day!

"Sink Into Happiness!"


  1. I never thought to boil the Dreamfields in broth! Great idea. :-)

  2. Welcome home. John and I enjoyed following you on holiday.

    Hope you find out who trains the trainers real soon.

    You'd be good at it... good enough for me to fly over and be your student/client. Do you think there are any fares @ -$s They should pay us to fly.

    Hope you day at work goes well


  3. Glad you are back. Yesterday was a great day for a walk, wasn't it?

  4. Thanks y'all!
    Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away! ♫♬♫
    Roxie - It was indeed a perfect day for a walk!

  5. I still think you should look into motivational speaking! I would totally come to hear you lecture!

  6. I always boil rice in broth :)
    That beard makes you look skinny!

  7. Good luck back at work, Anne. I'm glad you enjoyed your time off so much. Have a great day.:)

  8. Hi! Nice to "meet" you!!! Hooray for violin playing, zombies who don't eat bean curd! Unite! :-)

  9. Yum, Dreamfields. I will have some tomorrow with cheese. :D I enjoyed your day ... and love the beard. lol

  10. Guys checking out the blonde hottie. Love it. :) Telling ya, time for some clothes that show off those curves. ;-) You've worked hard for those curves.

    So you want to be a trainer?! That's awesome, Anne! You have such an encouraging spirit that I think it would be the perfect thing for you. Talk to MIZ about how to become one. She would know!

    I can't wait to come to Dallas to do the zip lines and try that fro yo. :)

  11. Sitting at the bedside for 12 hours after all that movement the past 3 weeks must seem like forever. Happy you will have some training sessions to look forward to.

    L.A. hit 90+ degrees yesterday...insane!
    First I stayed indoor cuz of the rain and cold now its too hot.
    But then again I have a list of excuses I can pull out no matter what.

    Hey how's Trucky doing? Happy to be home?

  12. HAHAH that beard pic and the fact that you dont understand why you aren't kicked out of more public places really made me crack up!!!

  13. Welcome Home!

    Trainer? I can put you in touch with someone who can teach you how to be be a trainer...but he's over here on the west side of the metroplex. But maybe he knows someone else!

  14. Hope you had a great first day back at work!


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