06 March 2011

problem solved!

Packed up the tent in darkness - 
not easy
And drove to Arizona - through El Paso

Where's Waldo? I think I found him!

Phoenix was beautiful - but lots of clouds gathering

Hmmm..... what to do - what to do! 
An In and Out Hamburger Wrap is always a good choice!

A canyon town for camping
For that "valley girl" experience!

Gets cold once the sun goes down

Perhaps more rustic than I first envisioned

As if on cue, a cabin materialized!

Problem solved!

Looks like a great vacation after all!
Off to tend the campfire!

It goes without saying - but -
wish you were here!


  1. Beautiful pictures. I can't believe a cabin just appeared out of nowhere. Wow! Glad you crossed paths with it...looks really nice and comfortable.

    I want to be there too!

  2. watch out for t hose plants. they look spiky!

  3. You are so brave travelling alone xx

  4. Kimberly - "No doubt" the cabins were always here -
    But, like so many things - we don't really notice them
    until it becomes more of a necessity!

  5. I'm not alone - I have you all with me
    *here* ....in my thoughts!

  6. Very nice cabin! Home away from home :)

  7. nice cabin. Since we are so close now I think the first road trip we will have will be to the Grand Canyon. It's only about 4 hours away.

  8. How fun! Your face is looking so slim and slender in the photos. I can always tell how I'm doing by my cheekbones...cheekbones you've got! Enjoy your time away.

    We were supposed to go to Fort Worth next week for vacation, but have canceled our trip to attend University open houses for my daughter. Sigh.

  9. Yaaa... a roof over your head!

  10. looks like fun...nice cabin

  11. cabins are fun camping. I love me a comfy sleep, no hard, cold, dirt floors... I am too old for that sillyness!!

  12. Sleep well. Cabin looks bran spanking new.

    Keep on Truckin.


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