25 March 2011

the (other) raven

This cheeky bad boy pecked into my bags
on the back of Trucky

And ate my lunch!!

So I go to the campsite..... snow!
No refunds for snow or bears!

At least I passed the weigh-in 
No longer worried about killing a mule
by being too heavy to ride! At 230 pounds! 
That's what  started my weight-loss two years ago!

Still, I think it's a good idea to get a room
and forget this snow!

A hike might take my mind off of it for sure!

The Forest Ranger said there's no such thing as bad weather.....
just bad equipment!
That might be, but I am still pretty new to camping 
and tend to get..... what's the word?
Darn cold!

So off I hiked along the rim of the Grand Canyon.....
3 hours worth!

Again with the wind -
are you kidding me???

Wish  - you know I wish 
You were here !!!!!


  1. get a room for sure, and wow a 3 hour hike!!! crikey hikey! Hope you're warm and cozy when you sleep tonight!

  2. The room sounds good to me. I no be camping in snowy weather. Have a great night!

    Quoth the raven, "Beef Jerky, MORE. "

  3. I just can't begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying your photo travelogue. So much beauty... so many grand adventures. They bring back SOOO many wonderful memories!! Thank you for sharing them, I am loving it.


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