06 March 2011

NM to AZ

Hiking by day

Driving by day

This little place is like a sheltered campground
A good place to start -
since it's my first time (as a civilian)

This guy came from out of no where
I think he wants to be my friend!

Cow Girl coffee and a non-propane lantern

A warm fire and cozy tent.....
I wasn't kidding about the heating pad!
And thank goodness for power inverters!

And did I mention I am still mostly doing the 
Protein  Mixes? Liquid egg white comes in real handy...
I found a cool cooler bag - still have ice 24 hours later!

Although, tonight I had a grilled burger....Under the stars!
Grilled onions - melted cheese...mmmmm!

A tent with  view -
Wish you were here!

And if all goes well, I get to meet up with a fellow blogger today!
And by that, I mean - if I get up in time to make it there!


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  2. What a view.

    I wish I was there too. But I'll stay satisfied so long as you keep showing us what you're up to.

    You look so cosy.

  3. you PERSONIFY the notion/phrase of 'no grass grows under her feet'

    I love following your blogventures!!

  4. Wow, that is a great sunset shot! If you see any blooming cacti, would you post some pics. please? I have always wanted, and will some day, to go to the desert in the early spring when the cacti bloom. Travel safe!

  5. The bunny was a low carb sign.. Get the shotgun..

  6. The camping area looks wonderful. Great pics. Have a good time keep sharing the journey with us. I almost feel like I'm there with you.:)

  7. Awww, a wabbit.

  8. It's already starting! The great pictures and awesome adventures. I really enjoy living vicariously thru you. All your newly purchased campgear being used as intended...well its picture perfect. How you got the rabbit to find that tiny patch of green grass ...and strike a pose! That's the best reality tv around. Hope you slept well :)

    Happy you returned to a familiar site on your own terms...and as the saying goes life is what you make it. I'm inspired and grateful that you allowed us to be a part of the dreaming, the planning and now enjoyment of this process called creation,

  9. i used to live in AZ--loved it. wish I wuz there too. flagstaff is kinda fun

  10. I'm jealous! A grilled burger w/cheese n' onions under the stars!! You're killing me! We still have snow on the ground :(

  11. Your camp site is adorable! Glad you found a friend...

    Have fun at your meet up!

  12. Oh I would love to be travelling along with you:)

  13. Whoa! That view from your tent almost makes me want to go camping! It's stunning.

    What's the story behind the 9.8 MPH sign? Is that even possible.

    Looks like you are enjoying your vacation-- Woo-hoo!!! Keep having fun.

    xo jj

  14. It looks like a very cool adventure. With rabbits! I really like the "still life" kinda shot with the coffeepot and lantern. It has that sort of "I'm there, sitting there, part of the adventure" mood...but peaceful. Like it!

  15. Cowgirl adventures! Love your photo stories.


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