20 March 2011

costa mesa


Window shopping in a pretty exclusive mall

Versace, Godiva, you name it - it was here

This one never takes a holiday 

This one does

Claim Jumpers

Did ok till I got to the cake.....
I'm not a fan of chocolate - no temptation here...
Had a few bites of this huge slice -
Didn't manage so well!
[Read as - yuk!]

Live and learn, I guess...
And stop with the baby business!

Hope your weekend is great!
Wish you were here!


  1. You are just too cute!

  2. That food looks delicious...especially the pizza!!

  3. Jealous. I want to be there. I cant handle myself around chocolate cake though so Im glad im not there ;)

    Have fun!

  4. That first pic is killer! Wow!

  5. I want that chocolate cake.....maybe a year from now? Love the pictures and the flowers and so glad you enjoyed wicked. Your trip has looked like so much fun...wish i was there.

  6. Oh, I LOVED the gigantic colorful balloon bouquet!!

  7. Were you at South Coast Plaza? I used to shop there, back when we lived in So. Cal. NICE place!


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