24 March 2011

north rim

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is cold - and snowing!

One minute blue skies - one minute, gray

A look-out tower in a forest at 7000 feet (or more)
After a mile-long hike in the snow

I actually climbed the ranger tower - 80 feet up!

The wind was so strong 80 feet up,
I could barely hold on!
(Sorry about the sound!)

The view from the top

Hiking back

So instead of camping,
I stayed in a little (modern) lodge

All the comforts of home -
And then some!

Wish you were here - You would love it!


  1. Did I mention it was snowing -
    And uphill both ways!

  2. WOW. I'm hoping we have seen the last of the snow here. The photos are awesome and I would love to be there someday. :)

  3. This trip looks amazing. One of my Big Dreams is to hike in the Grand Canyon... nothing too severe but a day hike. Beautiful photos!

  4. Brrrr! Please don't bring the snow home with you. It's beautiful and spring-like here!

  5. The fire looks inviting.
    Big Hugs - Stay warm.

  6. Oh wow, this is beautiful. Love the video. You really could hardly hold on. So dramatic. Incredible trip!

  7. Dang, nothing like pushing yourself a bit before allowing some comfort!? Love this fireplace too! cozy!

  8. Gorgeous pictures, Anne. Never would have equated the Grand Canyon with snow, though!

  9. Just the North Rim - (and sometimes the South Rim!)
    But mostly during windet - very beautiful and cozy in front of a fire, though!


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