10 March 2011

jeep hike

Rode in a Jeep to the Poppy Preserve
Antelope Ridge California

Not alot of poppies - but a few were out!

The trail was one mile and a half and 300 feet up!
And back down!

Lots of flowers and lizards

And birds and stuff...
Hawks were all around us

Yay! I did it!

The biggest salad ever.... and a open-topped ride
Getting alot of sun these days!

Thanks, Annie for taking me out to the Poppy Reserve
in such style! It was so windy that I had to get a coat
to wear on the way back! Good night, bloggers!
Wish you could see it - it is a beautiful hike!


  1. How polite of little Mr Hawk to pose for you, LOL!

  2. I covet your life :)

  3. gorgeous pics as usual!!! and I love the poppy. I think Ive only ever seen pictures of red ones!

  4. I would have never gone there on my own. Sometimes we need visitors to get us to explore our own back yards. That Antelope Valley is Huge...what a back yard! I guess back in the day the Antelope did play but not even one in sight. Looking forward to some more adventures today...hope I can keep up.

  5. So beautiful. Anne the carb traveler :)

  6. These are the California Poppy...
    (orange = eschscholzia californica)
    Not the so-called Opium Poppy!
    (red = papaver somniferum)

    They are also the State Flower for California!
    Very small and very pretty!

  7. Very nice, riding in a Jeep, enjoying the sun, communing with nature...hiking up big hills...what a life! You madam are a rock star!

  8. Bless your soles! :) Looks like a very nice hike.

  9. Love it Anne. The flower is beautiful. Your hike amazing. Thank you for sharing.
    Keep enjoying your vacation. Take care my friend. God Bless!!


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