25 March 2011

hike the canyon

Got a hat to ride the mules with....
Did the weigh in - under 230 now!!

Hiked for almost 3 hours... awesome and wonderful

It was snowing, and a raven ate my lunch,
so I opted to stay in a hotel instead of camping

There were "real" campers with expensive gear....
I'll leave it to the professionals when it's 20 degrees outside!

A bed was a nice touch after all this hiking!

Beautiful and mysterious

Seeing a picture of the Grand Canyon could never be like experiencing it.
That would be like watching a great program on the Food Channel,
but not getting to eat it! If you ever thought you might, 
you would probably love the Grand Canyon - more that words!

Wish you were here!
Thanks for reading along!


  1. Under 230, indeed! Looking good.

    Oh I can't even describe how jealous I am but happy for you at the same time. One day I'll be there. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous pictures. It looks like an incredible place.

  2. Wow, never been to the Grand Canyon and really would love to go some day. Thanks so much Anne for sharing all these pictures. I look forward to them each day. I love how you travel!

  3. Oh my heavens, what beautiful pics today. I have been enjoying your trip so very much!

  4. I've been to the grande canyon but didn't ride the mules ... I was 12 and under 100pounds. I would have LOVED riding a mule into all that beauty.

  5. The photos in your last two posts remind me how stunningly beautiful the Grand Canyon is. WOW. What glorious views and beautiful skies.

    Really glad you're warm in the lodge not outside camping, but you look good in that hat! Hope hte mule ride was a blast. I'll be watching for the photos.

    xo jj

  6. Your blog looks great, your pictures are beautiful. Another place to add to my bucket list.....:-)Hugs

  7. Did you mean under 130? I don't think you are anywhere near 230...

    Love the pics! The Grand Canyon is so majestic. I don't know if I will ever get there, so I will just have to be happy with your pictures for now.

    The hamburger in your last post looks exceptionally delicious!

  8. Great pictures! I've been to both the north and south rims.....but in warmer weather. Your pictures are much better than mine but brought back memories....most impressive canyon. We were offered a job living down in the canyon but too remote for us. Maybe we will be able to get back for a visit someday.

  9. way under 230! your last post reminded me how much I love thousand island dressing on my salad. I am bored with blue cheese and ranch, so Im getting some of those thousand islands this weekend. Not as exciting as the grand canyon though!!! Love the hat :-)

  10. Beautiful pics Anne. my how grand it looks. have a fun time....I am assuming way under 230......lol.


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