26 March 2011

bright angel trail

My ravenous friends

Saw 2 elk IN the camp grounds
And lots of deer all around - even on the hiking trails!

 At the snowy camp site 
For hiking that day, I wore a couple of shirts...
And my yoga pants under my jeans -
for extra warmth... 

So cold it was sleeting
Little ice pellets

It seems to have many moods, this canyon 
And the weather changes in just a few minutes

Below the rim is less windy, but still as cold
And there is ice on the ground....

 I didn't go down too far - had to come up again the same distance!
And coming up is not so easy!

Maybe next year, when I am more fit

"Never hike beyond your limitations," they say!

At nearly 7000 feet in elevation,  it warms up fast -
When the sun is out.

Lots of art and little shops

The stores are great - they have everything you could ever want....
Alot of organic/gourmet food - even camping gear - everything!
And it was reasonably priced as well. 
Next time - I'm not packing a thing - just get it once I'm here!

My raven-proof lunch

Too tired to eat!
(Which kinda worked against me)

Some of these aren't too bad -
for cell phone pictures!

Thanks for reading along!


  1. Oh thank you for the photos..brought back memories of when I would go to the GC when I lived in Arizona. I walked down the br. angel trail a little bit..but was too skeered.

  2. More great photos, Anne. You are having a marvelous time and I DO wish I was there with you.:)

  3. Oh my gosh, Anne! It's so beautiful. I bet it's even prettier in person because you get to experience it. Maybe next year I can hike it with you. In the "non snowing" season. :) I'm glad that you're getting to do all of this. Quite the adventure.

  4. I did that trail! It was in the heat of June and I had a cold and I vowed after that to never hike down first again and then have the hike up to contend with!

  5. Karen - no doubt that!
    The steep-ness and the reverse order makes it NOT a beginner trail!
    That, and the snow, eh?

  6. Great pics! I know you're having a blast. Keep on having fun! :)

  7. mmm, elk makes a tasty meal! Hope you can hunt one down while out and about there.

  8. I'm taking a vote as to weather/whether
    I should hurry home in two days, or hike it home in 3 days!
    What do ya think? Let me know, eh?

  9. 3 days and hiking...

    Some of those pictures look ominous...bring back the sun I say!

  10. Hike it!

    Gorgeous photos. Gorgeous!!!!!

  11. I keep going back and looking at the photos of the canyon over and over. Just stunning. It's like it's impossible to take a bad photo of that place... it's got gorgeousness to spare!

  12. I love the way you share your life/adventures with us. The photos give us a sense of you, who you are, and how much you enjoy the things around you, LIFE, and your sense of humor. It's a treat to be traveling vicariously with such a wonderful person. You, Anne, rock!

  13. So beautiful....take the slo way home and savor the end of the ride

  14. raven-proof!! obviously learned your lesson :-D beautiful pics for cell phone or otherwise!


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