24 October 2011

stormy weather

Been out of town a few days  - on a case...
Came back - all kinds of wind damage...
Now - fog - on a cool Autumn morning!

Fajitas and eggs for breakfast!
What is not to love about this way of eating!

Hope your day is snuggly good!


  1. Fog is beautiful too. As is your breakfast.

  2. I love the fog as long as I don't have to drive in it. When we lived in San Francisco, one of my favorite things was watching the fog roll in and completely overtake the Golden Gate bridge.

  3. Oooh, what wonderfully mood fog photos. And the intricate spider's web is beautiful!

  4. It was kinda cool - now it's back to being 80
    And the A/c is on! *phew!*

  5. Those are amazing pictures!! I do have to admit I love fog.
    How can you not love that indeed :)

  6. I don't mind storms as long as they are followed by sunshine. The eggs and fajitas look wonderful.


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