02 October 2011

cross fit running

Inov8 Shoes
Not "barefoot" - more "minimalist"

The Trainer started the class by asking this:
"Who here is so wild about running that it is 
in the center of their lives - they can't do without it?"
No hands went up.
Then he asked: "Who here likes to run,
But it's just not very easy or natural?"
Almost every hand went up!

Talking about the mechanics of good running:
Stride, foot placement, posture, muscle use, pace....
Things we are never really aware of in running -
But could be!

Zombies? Nope - just CrossFitters!

For example - better posture means better breathing!
More lung capacity. And less running out of breath.
And using larger muscle groups 
to do the hard work - means less fatigue!

And relax - tight muscles don't really "flow."
Over-stretched and tense muscles aren't very helpful!

He said that if you are ever near a grassy soccer/field,
Take your shoes off and just run for a few minutes.
Your body knows what to do already!

For example - When you jump up and down,
you don't land on your heels - 
You land on the mid-part of your foot -
With your knees slightly bent.
Same thing with running!
No need to land on your heels.
Makes sense.

And it's about as opposite as it could be from
how the Army teaches... and how 
most of us run - or try to run!
Maybe why it's not as rewarding as it could be?
This was is MUCH easier!

The trainer - Patton Gleason
teaches Flow Running (link)
Here's some links to some Videos 

Running isn't my fave either - I walk/jog...
But it's evolving! Baby steps, right?
I do LOVE the way I feel after, though!
Can't buy that! Gotta earn it.

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Good for you!

    It's stlll the bike for me, 5-7 miles a day. Did my first fast - 25 hours, and I was never hungry! Weird. I could barely go 25 minutes without food before I kicked wheat.

  2. Very informative post, Anne. I have problem with running because of my knees and hips but it may be because I'm doing it wrong.

  3. I am no runner now, but I used to be.

    I like the look of those yellow shoes...they look like they might be comfortable. I have a real hard time finding shoes that feel right.

  4. I never run! I hate running... always have! I'm glad you are enjoying it though!

  5. I like running. I just have to learn how to make it like me. :)
    Practice, practice, practice. The more I run, the more I want to run.


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