20 October 2011

best soup (in the world)

Ground bison + red wine
 Wine with a twist-off lid works great for cooking.
Nothing fancy here.

Never used the bison before....
I will use it again soon!
Bison is a red meat - like beef -
But with alot less fat! 

Add chopped cabbage

Chopped onions

Adding adding adding here

I use these sometimes... for flavour!
I use both beef and chicken.

Add the usual suspect spice rub spices:
onion, garlic, cayenne pepper, paprika.
Maybe some celtic sea salt if you don't use the broth.

Cook several hours in a slow cooker or this
Cast Iron Dutch Oven - awesomeness!

Serve topped with parmesan cheese
If you are so inclined...

Very few carbs.
Lots of flavor.
Best soup I ever made!
Perfect for a cool Autumn evening.

Hope you are loving your day!


  1. Come on over and have a great big bowl!
    I'll save ya some!

  2. Sounds delightfully yummy. I don't do wine, but I bet the alcohol cooks off, huh.

  3. They say.... but then again, "they" say alot of things!
    I think it adds to the flavor.
    Plus, I had some left from when I quit drinking it!
    It gave me a wee little bit of a "headache!"

  4. I'll be right over....

  5. Barbara wrote: I would love to have a plate of this wonderful bison soup for late breakfast. No bisons in Berlin....


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