04 October 2011

getting better all the time

Feeling a bit better - 
Thanks for everyone who stopped by 
to wish me well! It worked!

Still having lots of broth

Doing a few chores around the apartment

Reading a bit 

Maybe just resting up a bit

Not quite up to running and all that

Maybe just a little bit!
Baby steps - all the way!

Hope your day is great!
Back to work soon for me!


  1. Goodnight - I've been sick and out of the loop for so long...
    My days and nights are messed up! I think!

  2. TG! Glad to hear it! I picked
    (Anoymous but its is me Pete. I dont post much on blogs.. totally newbie. LOL)

  3. I'm glad to read you're feeling a wee bit better.

    And yikes! I'm old enough to remember seeing that movie when it came out. :-O

  4. Yay :) Feeling better and Beatles too.

  5. I'm glad to read you're feeling better Anne. I know it takes forever to get rid of that crud.
    Just take care of yourself Anne. Blessings my friend!!
    P.S. I can't comment sometimes either, hopefully this works this morning.

  6. So glad you're better - the crud is cruddy!

  7. Yeah! Glad you're feeling better!


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