23 October 2011

out and about

Squidward crossing

Some of my fave people are Nuts and Fruits!

Still taking it Like A Boss

Takes forever to get through one workout!

The Hospital gift shop slash pharmacy...
Bringing you the best junk food anywhere....
It's a walk-in vending machine!

Whole Foods wants people to be more aware of GMO's.
You would think they would be at the forefront
of the anti-GMO [Genetically Modified Organism] movement.

'Tis a mystery...
Like so many things in Life. ($)

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


  1. I'm always amazed at the food some hospitals sell (including McDonald's). It's such a missed opportunity. But I love me some gift shops. I've found some really amazing stuff at the hospital. Go figure.
    Happy weekend, jj

  2. Anne I don't know what a GMO is either hey! have a great rest of the weekend. hugs.

  3. I never need to go out; just ride on Anne's visual tour bus!

  4. Genetically modified grains is partly why I was first interested in cutting out all wheat in my life. The fact that I instantly felt better has been what has sealed the deal for me.

  5. Hi Miss Cinner -
    I added a link and better description -

  6. Great photos. I have a few fruit and nuts in my life too. In fact, I am one or both. LOL


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