28 October 2011


Nothing says "Autumn" quite like a fancy wreath

Unless it's a fancy sky

Or send me some money, and I'll send you some
junk from the bottom of my Nursing shoes. 

From your friendly neighborhood Duck
Makes deliveries... better 'n Aflack!


Compare that to 5 pounds of fat...
THIS is just one pound!
Takes up a wee bit more room, eh?
Just as hard to carry around, though....
Gets OLD pretty fast!

Which reminds me - time to fry up some bacon.
I picked the fattiest one!
Got a big ol' can for the bacon drippings!

From Wikipedia 
Gotta love it!

Candy - NOPE -
Not this year!!!
Just say KNOW!!!
More for the kids.
Us - not so much!


  1. I am saying NO for the first time this year! I will keep the two small bags of treats closed until Monday when the GBS descend and pass them out. I will have ONE small butterfinger bar. Can't wait. Have a great weekend!

  2. Seems as though the duck was leaving a trick for someone to step on… or a treat to fry up with that bacon!

  3. We used the last of our bacon this morning, so tomorrow early we will hit the store and get extra cheese and more bacon. Yum.

  4. OMG the fat! I worked as a checker and 20lb pork portions for carnitas made me think of how heavy and big 20 lbs represented! It is a heavy haul!

    Had bacon today yeah loves me some bacon! And yeah saved the drippings!

  5. I know, right?
    I often think about hauling 50, 60, 80 pounds
    around with me everywhere I go....
    up and down the stairs, in and out of the truck....
    all around at work... wonder how I ever made it one day.


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