25 October 2011

wheat belly blues


Well, I woke up in the morning, the scale just gave me bad news
So I had healthy wheat for breakfast, then I got more confused
I didn’t even know it, but I had those Wheat Belly Blues

Well, I went to my doctor, he smiled but he was not amused.
He told me Calories in Calories out, you’re just too lazy to lose
He didn’t even know it, but I had those wheat belly blues

And then I got this book (Wheat Belly)
I read it all the way through
I kicked that wheat to the curb
And my life started all over new
The scale became my friend
And my relationships improved
My doctor was amazed
My Wheat Belly is fading away

The Wheat Lobby says I have to stuff myself with grains
They don’t care if we die as long as their profits are unconstrained

Let’s occupy our kitchens take our lives back from them,
The Wheat Belly movement helps us grab the helm
So everyone can hear us when we say the news
No Wheat, No Blues, No Wheat, No Blues

Now we wake up every morning, the scale just gives us good news
Never hungry again and so much to eat, we’ve got on our dancing shoes
Now we’re telling everyone, no more Wheat Belly Blues
Now we’re telling everyone, no more Wheat Belly Blues 

James Winningham

And I LOVE the attention that Gluten-Free 
Wheat Belly stuff is getting!!!

James is a very talented musician.
Here's a link to his blog! (link)
TechnoBabe is very proud! (link!)

And here's a link to the book Wheat Belly -
that started it all.... for many people! (link)
And what a real difference it makes 
in people daily lives... and health!

Thanks, James!


  1. "Calories in and calories out - "
    A great line - and it fits so well...
    in the song and in real life!
    I can't tell you the number of times
    I hear Doctors tell that to people!
    Ye Gads!

  2. I'm going to look for that book today. :)

  3. When I hear "calories in, calories out," it makes me want to strangle the person saying it... Is this normal?

    I think I hate it because it's really calling the overweight person a lazy ass, and it's more about hormones than anything! Ugh, I could go on, but you know what I'm saying...

  4. Hi Anne, it does rock. thanks for the words. hugs.

  5. I'd love to hear him sing that! It was great stuff. :-D

  6. Well, duh on me!! I blew right by that link to him singing it!
    My wish has been granted. ;-)
    Yep, he IS talented.

  7. Love this! James is wonderful!

  8. I've already got the book on order from the library :)

  9. Anne, the more we all spread the word the more people will hear it and help themselves to healthier bodies and minds. So glad we are all in the healthy club together.

  10. Great message, song is a little dorky. But, hey whatever it takes to get Dr. Davis's good word out to everyone!

    I've read both Track Your Plaque and Wheat Belly and follow Dr. Davis's diet guidellines to a "T"


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