19 October 2011

massage day

Love my massage days.
This is Jeff!

A little warm up before the real thing.
It's a medical message... not just "moving oil around" 
as the massage therapist says..

Hair Feather?
I'm too chicken to try it

Rough Tex Mex

STOP the Games already!

1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 

A big ol' plate of luv!

Chicken with Brussels Sprouts
I tend to fry alot of things.

Hope your day is great!

My second case ened without much warning
this week - and I now must find a second job.
Staying at home 4 days a week is great - at first...
But it gets old fast. Time to get back into
the quote unquote swing of things.


  1. I just noticed the progress pictures on the left...holy! You were already amazing in my eyes, but now I am even more amazed! Congratulations on becoming a new woman! and the blond looks great!
    I have a kink in my back right now...I could SO use a massage :) or even just someone moving some oil around :)

  2. Never had a massage but I'm thinking I want one now.

    Hope you get another case soon!

  3. i love your pic voyages. I'm glad there are places that provide all sizes but I'm also happy to not worry about that anymore (oh I remember what it was like to worry a place wouldn't sell anything that fit me!).

    If you get chicken feathers in your hair will you still eat chicken? I guess that would make it easier to sneak up on one.

  4. Good luck with finding a second job. I hope you find something you enjoy. The food looks great as always. I'm craving those brussels spouts in balsamic vinegar.

  5. So do they beat you up before they serve you at Rough Tex Mex? I'm curious!!!

  6. Shelly - Maybe AFTER they get ya drunk, they take ya outback,
    and make ya eat grains! I dunno! THEN they beat ya up! :D

    Laurie Anne - thanks for your vote of confidence!

    Everyone - thanks y'all!

  7. Oh I so need a massage :) Maybe I'll ask for a gift certificate for Christmas!
    Everyone's got those feathers in their hair here.
    Rough Tex Mex I don't know if I'm strong enough for that :)
    Stop the games indeed!!

  8. Hugs to you, Anne. Your plate of chicken and brussels sprouts looks yummy. I hope you find a suitable case to work to take the place of the one that ended.


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