27 October 2011

a shopping we will go

Eggs, Buttah, Heavy Whippin' Cream,
Coconut Cream...and a new white shirt.
Pretty typical LC stuff...

And these Bacon Ends.
I love them for rendering out some bacon drippings!

Surprising things with gluten!
They add it so the cheese won't stick.
Sometimes they add potato flour.
You can tell there's a white covering.
Better off shredding your own!

Ack Ack!
Things with sugar - or fructose!
They infuse the little fruits so they are tastier.
Adds a ton of carbs! Not exactly carb-friendly.
Better off dehydrating your own!

Pat, my neighbor thinks I should wear a tie.
I dunno. I think she watches way too much Ellen.

More big score at the store!
I found a gift card... cashed it in...
WOW!!! I was glad I didn't just throw it out!
It had value on it still.

Might be good - we'll see!
Tis a wee little baby butternut squash.
Aboot as big as a huge sweet potato.
Or two. Whatever!

My new BFF!
I get the unsalted so I can add my own
Celtic Sea Salt. Which was my new BFF 
last week! That's soooooo "last week!"

A teasing rain... just maybe a lil sprinkle!
Hope your  day is super wonderful awesome!


  1. Still no rain - but lots of bacon!

  2. I think you should wear a tie--this is a nice look on you (very stylish)! I saw some of those Crasins at Target today...I looked at the back label and saw it was all carbs...I wondered what would Anne do??? After a few seconds, I tossed the bag back on the shelf and ran full speed away from those sugary cranberries! LOL :-)

  3. You look great in the tie, Anne. I love the food in your cart. You are inspiring me to go back to low carbing. I do high protein but still have more carbs in my plan than I should. I just haven't been sticking to what I should be doing. I can tell the difference in the way I feel though. I'm sluggish and lethargic when I have carbs. Keep preaching the plan and maybe I will be able to get myself right.

  4. I so wish they wouldn't add sugar to dried fruit.. or gluten to cheese. Boo. I've been buying a huge chunk of cheese and grating it in my food processor. I love the convenience of having shredded cheese in the fridge, especially with a kid that would live on quesidillas if I let her! :) I have to learn how to dehydrate my own cranberries.. because my little one loves them as well... but I don't like all the sugar.

  5. Thanks, y'all!
    And YEAH!
    That stuff is scary like Trick or Treat!
    Except we THINK it good for us... and then we learn
    that stuff has been added... often the VERY THING
    we were looking to avoid!

  6. Anne,

    An excellent photographic journey, and tasty, too!

    Almost 800 people have listened to the song, and 150 have watched the video since yesterday! Thanks for linking!

    The Wheat Belly Movement is growing!

  7. Luv the tie!! It's amazing what is in some of the things we eat.


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