18 October 2011

shadows of the past

Cleaning out things from the past...
And extras of anything. If I had two or more of something -
One was kept; the rest donated.

This is my little sewing area.
Sewing and ironing and all that.
The iron is always "out" 
So I don't have any excuse to not iron!

These are CD's... they play music and stuff
Out they go.
Everything's a mp3 file now!
Even the back-up.

This is Paleo food.
Brisket and eggs.

For anyone who needs to - or wants to know...
Regular cocoa vs dark special cocoa. 
3 carbs each unsweetened...
Regular has 1 g fiber. Dark has 2 g fiber.

Threw out all the stuff I can't abide
having any more. Some of this I haven't used 
in a year or more. Out it goes!

Flounder with parmesan cheese crust with
Brussels Sprouts in balsamic vinegar...
All fried in cast iron in butter and bacon drippings!

Outside - kinda waiting - 
Getting things done.... long over due.
Here's to an awesome night!


  1. How do you listen to your music if you get rid of your CDs?

    Your photos of plated meals are pretty yummy.

    We cleaned out our cupboards and frig over a month ago when we began the wheat free plan. Felt good to make the commitment and begin the change to better health. Now when someone says they are eating healthy I wish them the best.

    We like the dark special cocoa too. Yummy.

  2. Sometimes I freak out when I find things with OLD OLD code dates that we have been eating!!!

  3. TechnoBabe - everything is an mp3 file.
    Even the back up is on an external hard-drive now.

    Karla - I found some SF jelly that was old.
    But some of this stuff I just used once and didn't like.
    Some of it - I went on a kick - back in the day!

  4. Out with the old and in with...nothing! LOL! Getting rid of things is so very freeing. Congratulations!

  5. Hi, Anne.

    We're slowly but surely getting rid of things we no longer need as well. For me, that means seemingly endless piles of articles and studies. In the end, I rarely miss what's gone. On the upside, I do feel better as the clutter diminishes. Call it feng Shui or what you will. :-)

    I hope you're well and that life is treating you kindly - as you so richly deserve.


  6. OMG. Your food porn is starving me. It is midnight and I am suddenly craving some paleo food. I better go to bed before I get into trouble.


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