03 October 2011

cough cough

Yep - still sick -
Two full weeks in bed... Missing work...
I'm still pretty tired and worn out.
Lots of broth.... lots of protein.

Lots of this - I still sleep about 12 hours a day...
But when I'm awake - I gots to do sumpin'
Cards.... carbs - whatever!
This is the phase where I'm just waiting for the tiredness to go.

Pat (my neighbor) tried to take my pic - 
Oh well! It still looks pretty good!

I broke out in a full body rash yesterday.
That, and the crud in the back of my throat - 
Strep Throat... which I was exposed to at work.
 But never - in a million years thought I would get!
I haven't been this sick since I was 17 and had Strep.
Took along time to get better then, too.

I keep drinking my broth - Paleo style...
Just laying on the bed 
Listing to all the sounds the day makes.
Wind. Birds. Traffic. 

Hope your day is great!


  1. My mind is playing all kinds of tricks on me....
    Eat this.. drink that.... so far I"ve managed to ignore it all!
    I know it won't help. Junk thoughts about junk food!
    back to sleep, y'all!

  2. Feel better! Strep sucks. Big time!!

  3. Get plenty of sleep and keep drinking that good bone broth. Feel better!

  4. awful :0( Hope ur system kicks that bug out soon!!

  5. Ah.. that sucks - I hope you get better soon :(

  6. O.k WE have to getter better asap!!!

  7. It's hard, when you're not feeling well, to NOT turn to old-fashioned comfort food. Spaghettios are my weird craving when I'm really sick...weird, I know! Feel better - hopefully the meds for the strep will kick in soon.

  8. Oh my, you do sound sick. Strep is horrible and takes a lot out of you. Take good care of yourself so that you are back at full steam soon!

  9. Hmm. That's the third blogger on my Reader who has been knocked flat by a bug. Is there some new computer "virus" that promotes actual sickness which travels through comments? :::Shudder:::

  10. Hi Anne, gute Besserung :-)

    Genesungsw├╝nsche aus Berlin! Barbara

    (it's about getting better, hihi)

  11. Feel better Anne!


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