14 October 2011

solo por hoy

Small to large - it's pumpkin time

The roast I made with canned pumpkin 
and canned tomato was A++ !!
The recipe came from Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations
From the Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving collection.
Which is a free download on the site...

You don't have to be "all Paleo and stuff"
to cook and eat good food!

At first it was like was like this 
.....and then it was like - gone!
Still have these all around - thank goodness!
Texas gets both seasons at the same time!

Fun with forklifts 

Getting tags and inspections for Trucky -
Two weeks before they are due!

Yet another use for coconut oil!

Virginia Nails the Happy Donuts

Just for today
Much easier this way!


  1. LOL! I like that picture of you!

    Just for today is truly the way!

  2. Great pics. The roast and pumpkin look good. Time for me to revisit Primarian.

  3. Laughing at myself... at first glance, I thought your pic said: Virgin Nails and Happy Donuts! The funny part was, since it was a photo YOU posted, it made total sense to me, since you have some of the weirdest and funny pics around!! ;-)

  4. HeeHee - that works, too!

  5. haha....Virginia nails happy donuts. Love it ;)

  6. Paleo rocks.

    lol ... nails donuts ... funny stuff :D


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