24 October 2011

things your mother didn't warn you about

Bad boys
(Or DID she?)

Global Warming
(How could she?)

(Who knew?)

  Soy and Pufa's
(Something to really avoid)

Naked Picnics
(Or not)
Don't despair!
There's almost always something 
you can do!

There's something "wrong" with
lots of things.. that's ok!

My new mantra:
"Don't let the perfect
be the enemy of the good!"
Thanks, Voltaire!


  1. As usual, spot on mate! I really enjoy your posts...thanks Anne! :-)

  2. Yep. I was at 3 family gatherings--Fri, sat, Sun--and I get asked a lot about how I'm eating, cause, frankly, I look a whole lot different. :D I mention my journey and how we eat now in our home with modifications for my hubby who can tolerate a heckuva lot more carbs than yours truly here. But I do say, "But I'm not perfect, cause I won't give up sweetener for my coffee, the occasional real sugar square of dark chocolate, and now and then, some low carb ice cream. Otherwise, I eat pretty darn clean and Primarian. If everyone ate mostly very good and only a little not good, we wouldn't have an obesity epidemic. It's eating a lot not so good to awful that'll get ya."

    So, yeah, perfection not necessary. :D And what human is perfect, anyway? (Though hubby comes close, hahahahahah.)

    Muah, nitey.

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the bad boys :)

  4. I would add another thing: time on line whethe surfing, blogging, FBIng or learning. Our mother's had no clue about this as a distraction...


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