10 October 2011

southern fried

Take some chicken strips
And a cast iron skillet

Cover in almond flour and garam masala
Fry in coconut oil

Serve with wilted spinach and ranch dressing

Still feel rough from having been sick
I'll start to feel better when I'm not sick anymore.

Out of town the past few days... now home to clean up my little life!
Two weeks off takes a toll!

Hope all is well with you and yours!


  1. So delicious!

    I hope you are feeling 100% soon!

  2. kink kink! yum :) feel better and stop being sick.

  3. Suth-un fry-ed kink kink, ~Oct!

  4. Love the way that looks. MMM Good. Hope you are back to normal soon.

  5. I just bought some garam masala! I bought almond meal but now they tell me it's got to be almond flour :(
    How did it taste???

  6. It tasted great, SS!!
    And this might be like the peanut flour -
    maybe almond meal and flour are interchangeable?
    nom nom nom!

  7. I think the main diff between the almond meal and almond flour is how fine it is. If you have a fine wire sieve, just shake it through that, and the fine bits will fall thru, and you'll have almond flour. :-)


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