04 October 2011


These little round zucchini are awesome

I'm on a fish - kick....
This is Cod with zucchini

Coconut oil - Cheers!
Or rather - L'Chaim for real

More fish with Garam Masala and 
KerryGold butter with garlic and herb
Fries up nicely in bacon drippings!

Rancho Huevos with spice rub
and some cheese - yes - cheese!

Grass- Fed beef with a ton of bacon!
Can you see the butter on top?
It's peeking out to say "Hi!"
I think it likes you!

Just for fun - remember this song?

Happy Day Happy Day 
So goooood to not be sick - 
Make you appreciate each day!

Hope your day is great!


  1. Oh, so glad you are feeling better now. And that photo at the bottom... it looks like an early morning shot, with the sun just peeking up and everyone else still asleep. It gives off such a quiet, joyful mood! Loved it. :-)

  2. Loretta - thanks - it was exactly that way!
    I still try to keep on schedule even though I've been
    out of the loop!

  3. I'm so glad your feeling better!! Did you really drink that coconut oil??

  4. Suzi of the Spunkyness - Yep!
    I take a shot a couple of times a day.
    Gotta do something with those shot glasses....

  5. So glad you are feeling better!

  6. Oh, funny video. One of my sons is named Levi. He wants to change his middle name to "Jeanz" lol. I'm going to show this to him when he gets home from school. haha!

  7. Hi Anne, I'm happy for you that health is back.
    Levis is funny, saw it the first time today. I wonder why? The Jeanz son from Heidi was the best. Good Night and Good Luck! from Barbara, Berlin

  8. I miss eating fish!!! Those eggs look nummy and the masala fish. Ooooh. Mmmm. Ohhhhh!!!

    Love the "long shadows" photo. Nice mood you captured there...that sort of golden hue, too.

    Happy eating, babycakes!

  9. Eating. And you do it so well. I changed my blog to "Wheat-Free Wanderer: The Journey Away From Amber Waves Of Death." (smile) I already have my first troll! Cool! Also visits from the FDA, the GSA, the State Department, and a dental college.

    Keep the great pictures coming!

  10. Glad you are feeling better!

    Love all the buttery-beefy-cheesy-fishy-bacony goodness!

  11. OMG I love the Beatles! I swear the Universe delivers to you just what you need ie. another Beatle loving paleo nurse!!!!! <3 <3


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