26 October 2011

butcher halloween

Nope - didn't recognize any of youse!
That'll do Pig..... That'll do!

Went to a real-live Butcher Shop
In Plano - Hirsch's

They are very nice, and actually care if you shop there!
AND the prices are very competitive.
Just like at the store.

They will wrap your order up with thick butcher paper
And even separate it for you - into littler bundles
All ready for the grill or the freezer!

They have been around forever and 
all the sports people send their people
to shop there...
They have all kinds of Bison and Game.

Lots to learn about beef...
The front portions are more Kosher.
I did not know that.

They have everything - even aged prime cuts
Where as most stores carry Choice cuts,
And Prime is found mostly in restaurants.

But alas - no grass-fed beef here -


  1. people must think we are nuts when we snap our photos for the blogs huh? :)

  2. Cool, Anne. I would love to visit a butcher shop. My great-grandfather had a butcher shop here but he had retired by the time I came along. We always had good cuts of meat and sausage though when I was growing up back in the dark ages. :)

  3. We live in an area of the country that lovely beef is grown and we get amazing beef prices at the stores. I make more stir fry meals and soups than anything else. Sometimes hamburger with cheese. Or eggs and cheese. I use Ortega chilies alot. It is so sad to me to watch folks we care about struggling with large amounts of weight to lose and they say they have to have some tacos or burritos or bread. I can't do it for them just like no one could have done it for me.

  4. In our grocery store there is a butcher that has aged prime meat! Oh my it's the best stuff even if a little pricey.


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