05 October 2011

moving forward

My diet is changing and my mind is changing.
Progress, like healing, is not always linear!

Don't cry for me, Arginine, eh?
I had to let it happen - I had to change
Couldn't stay all my life getting healed
Eating food from the drive-through -
 And junk from a box!
So I chose Primal....
Running around eating everything "old"
It really impressed me alot -
I never expected it to!

Everything but the fries!
(more for you)

So yeah - Atkins was a great place to be for 2+ years!
I loved (and still do love) every minute of it.
It was mostly effortless for me.
The only time I had cravings for sweets -
Was when I cheated.

I love Ketosis... and it loves me back.
I'm one of the lucky ones!

But all that processed junk and stuff...
No thanks! Yuk to the Uck!
I just can't abide with it - for now.
Going through the drive through -
even without the buns... Nope!

I'm lots more picky about what 
food choices I make. MUCH!
So moving forward; yes.
Moving backwards, to a simpler way.

Still not a purist... Still like some dairy
and some sweeteners... 
Still live in an apartment and not a cave.
Not quite Paleo.

Ah - what's in a name?
A steak by any other name would taste as good!

Let me in!

Hope your day is GREAT!


  1. Now that's a cabinet of meat lol! Yep, I'm with ya, back to the basics Anne :)

  2. A great day to you too, Anne. I have noticed that sometimes my diet has to change according to the food budget. Sometimes I eat better than others. Right now, we have more mouths to feed than just the 3 of us. They are helping some with expenses but we can't seem to stay within the current budget.

  3. Yea, I'm with you on this Anne. Have been doing lots of reading and some testing and although I am having a hard time adjusting, I am still determined to give it a try.
    I was just typing up a post about the problems I am having :)
    It is very true you are what you eat and I don't want to eat the crap anymore.

  4. You GO!

    We just put a grain-free carrot cake in the oven. Coconut flour/flaxmeal base. The smell of it baking is driving us crazy!


  5. I totally believe in incremental progress. That was my journey, bit by bit. Now, my food is mostly how it comes from the ground, tree, or critter, with minimal cooking. I still, like you, like conveniences. I haven't given up sucralose/stevia. I will likely NEVER give up dairy, though I've cut down. I gave up milk, but drink coconut milk. Bit by bit, the changes add up and I feel great.

    Feeling great is the true motivator. You start to forget how awful, horrible, terrible you felt..but I do think it's important to remember when it was tough to get out of bed, winding to get up a flight of stairs, hard to move around in public toilets or folding chairs or cars. How walking seemed daunting.

    Energy. Vibrancy. It's worth every thing I gave up.

    And I know YOU understand that. :)


  6. Eh. Living in a cave is highly overrated.

  7. I love that cartoon! Can you email it to me? My husband would love it!!


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