31 October 2011

as you like it

Chicken salad - ready in a flash....
This can be tweaked any way you like it!

One can of chicken.... some mayo... 
Mrs Dash Caribbean Citrus flavor - your choice -
Onions, garlic powder, 1/2 an apple, maybe some celery,
2 or 3 SF pickles...top with a couple of raisins....

Couple of cashews... 22 to be exact....
ONE serving...  8 carbs...
Add a few dried cranberries and a few golden raisins.

Cuppa home-made hot cocoa
You can thank me later - when you try this!

Water, Heavy Whipping Cream (or almond or coconut milk)
Splenda or sweetener of your choice...
BUTTER - yep  - think of it as a stick of cream!!!
Cocoa - dark or regular.... 
Top with Whipping Cream (this is canned)
And cinnamon - or nutmeg, allspice, etc!!

Oh, and this was breakfast...
Polish sausage, couple of eggs in a omelet that didn't 
survive the spatula and turning... so it became 
scrambled eggs deluxe! And it was great!

Walked 2 miles today...
It was easy!
And fun. Walked to the store and back.

Hope your Halloween is great!
Be careful - and watch out for scary 
sweets masquerading as treats!


  1. Looks awesome Anne, I worked in the yard today final prep before the snow. Have a Happy Halloween. hugs.

  2. I LOVE me some cashews and pistachios but even now need to count out a serving so I dont...snarf more than a serving :)

  3. The salad looks fantastic. I will make that. I will get cranberries. We ran out a couple weeks ago.

    How ya doing finding the second job?

  4. Dear Carb Tripper,

    You have gone and done it now. I have half a mind to report you. Seriously, I'm not joking. I've had it up to here with you and your paleo promotions.


    Just kidding!

    I am going to report you however to the Queen o' Butter, Miss Paula herself Paula Deen. Who would have thunk it? Butter in your coffee? I'm a little scared of that concoction.

    Happy hallobaconween


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