13 October 2011

back to cf

Rolling out the "have knots..."

Told my trainer I need one more day off -
Now back to CrossFit...
I don't care if some 20 year old chick can
out lift me. It took me 2+ years 
to get to this - the starting point!
I'm not going anywhere - and long after 
she is gone on - I'll still be there - doing my thang!

The dreaded wall.

This is all in the world there is to the CrossFit Box.
Just a Box.
It's what's inside that counts!

So yeah! 
After a couple of weeks with Strep
and other "real life" things -
It's back to CrossFit as usual!
Which means kinda slow and pokey!

Have a great slow and pokey puppy day!


  1. I'm on day 4 of 'at the gym'...I am feeling a little sore, but know sunday is coming. I will be resting, because I will have earned it.. speaking of Cross Fit, wow...I watched some crossfit games last night while parked on the elliptical. It was crazy...and I have to say....the men were eye candy ;o),,,Have a great day!

  2. hi Anne, I'm fighting a big too. You give me hope that you're up and working out so soon. Take care, xo jj

  3. Aww you do look a little sickie... Good on you for getting back to cf! Sending lots of low carb chicken veggie soup and hugs your way.


  4. Yay for back to CrossFit!

  5. More for you, and more for us! Go gettum! I got back on my bike today after two days off. I was pondering the existential value of exercise related to weight loss, and finding it lacking. So I will ride because I like it!

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling better and are getting back into the swing of things!

  7. O.k how did I miss this post!!
    Glad to hear your getting back to cf. Tomorrow I'm back to rolling :)


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