11 October 2011

autumn skies

Special delivery for Bloggie Readers!
Flowers for you!

Dang Sundae drivers

Turns out somethings DO
 cross the blood-brain barrier!

Doctor - my scales are back!

MMMM best subway salad!

Catch a can - as catch can!
No shortage here - stuff's everywhere!

Rough break - that!

 Bossy in the sky
Is it just me - or do you see her too?
Mooo-ving right along....

Having a great day?


  1. Thanks for the flowers! You had to rub it in about the pumpkin lol. I do have 5 cans in my cabinet right now so maybe more will be around town so I can stock up some more.

  2. I recently jumped over the moon...
    As you might know...
    Little dogs everywhere laughed -
    And I happen to have the dish on the spoon!

  3. Hey there Cutie Pie!!
    Hugs from Georgia!


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