08 October 2011


Aye - quack quack

Don't worry - they'll just put it back
Like nothing ever happened.

Hey - it's fat free!
So it's good for you, right?

Well, let's see..... hmmmmm.
That's a very nice shirt you have on!
And you seem to be very kind.
And I'm sure you're an excellent driver.
How's that for a compliment!

Fitness all over this town!

I kissed a grill - and I liked it!

Autumn lasts about 2 weeks down here.
If that. Maybe more like 20 minutes.

You know I hope your day is a good one!


  1. OOOOhhh pumpkins! Must be coming up to Halloween time over there!

  2. lol those must be the nicest hand wipes ever.

  3. What is it about snacks to go? Hubby and I were talking about how many more snacks to go there are available and how the general public is bombarded with psychological encouragement to get those snacks.

  4. Nice pictures! Love you kissing the grill!

    I have mini pumpkins!

    Hope your day is filled with sunshine!

  5. I need some pumpkins for the front porch. I am behind on my fall decorating. I might not get to it at all this year. The budget has been stretched to the limit. Cute duck.


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