12 October 2011

food snob

Mega salad with everything on it -
Balsamic soaked pecans, spinach, cheese,
chicken, evoo, and ♡

Brisket and a sweet potato -
note the dripping butter!
Rolling on the floor laughing

Double the fat and that's probably more accurate!

Lots of sleep -  the new mattress is great!
Lots of water - pinch of Celtic Sea Salt
Moderate walking - easy days
Lots of good food - cooked it myself
Lots of chewing! Did that myself, too!
Hot smile

Hope your evening is a great one!


  1. Ah yes, nothing much better than a baked sweet potato with "dripping butter." Yum. :)

  2. Oh my I just had dinner and your making me hungry :)

  3. Mmmm...butter! Nice food pics...you know how to treat yourself right!

  4. Wow, looks tasty...great days like this make weight loss look easy..good thing we all know better. lol. Great day Anne!

  5. I would love a sweet potato right now. Yum.

  6. looks pretty tasty there, glad you are feeling better, hugs to you.


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