13 October 2011


Adriatica is a little part of McKinney, Texas
Designed to look - and feel -
like a small town in Croatia

Even the Starbucks

They sometimes have little open-gathering type
Farmer's Markets here...

A work in progress

McKinney and me!


  1. How pretty - I had no idea that town existed (Adriatica, not McKinney, lol).

  2. Yeah - it's one of those endearing things about McKinney!
    A town surrounded by Grass-Fed beef ranches!

  3. Its lovely, Anne. I'd like to visit there someday.

  4. I love all the pictures on your blog! :) Today's pictures made me want to go on a trip to that lovely place!

  5. Very nice pictures Anne ! I love seeing new places through your camera :)

  6. The sweet potato looks great. I eat them right now but hubby does not in the first stages of his food change. We are each wheat free, grain free, gluten free, and I am low carb but he is almost no carb. I want more fiber so I do eat sweet potatoes. I will have one today with my lunch but he won't.

  7. It is very cool. And they have fireworks over the lake in the summer. I have had the pizza from Cavalli's there and it is very authentic italian, really good.

  8. What a wonderfully cute town!!


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