26 October 2011

from the closet

Looking for something to wear
"Job Interview" Style....

Found this in the back of the closet!
Two years ago in July (2 years, 3 months)
I bought these to wear to a funeral.

Since it all started in the kitchen,
It was only right that I did my posing here, too!
Right by the bacon drippings and coconut oil!

Vest 24. Pants 20.
Shirt 20-22.
This was 5 months AFTER I started LoCarb!

Time to go shopping!!!
And by the weigh, (way)
THANK YOU everyone
who has been so helpful and supportive
through the blogs... and the miles!
Party smile


  1. It's both delightfully cheering and a little saddening when I try on old stuff. If it's a top or dress I adored, and it's too baggy, I'd get bummed not to wear it. Otherwise, it feels like a high.

    I just bagged up some more stuff. Some outfits I only wore once or twice. Maybe a plateau is a good thing. I get to wear clothes more than a couple times. :D

    Happy baggy-clothes from the closet day, babe.

  2. I think it's officially time to go shopping! That outfit looked like it was really cute, too. Love that last picture... Just look at those dimples popping. Now you could fit two of you in there!

  3. you are amazing. The amazing shrinking lady!

  4. You definitely need to go shopping! It's so hard to fathom that you once fit into those sizes...but nice that you have the old clothes to really see how much you've changed! Of course we expect a fashion show with the new clothes... :)

  5. Oh we must turn you into a shopping diva now. It is definitely time to go shopping for clothes that fit. I want to see pictures of the new clothes after you get them. :)

  6. Wow! that is some change! I know it is crazy when I find old clothes. I just stare. Hard to recall fitting into them.

  7. I got rid of my big clothes quick quick quick, I didnt want any excuse to fit back into them ..... Time to make a Good will run :)

  8. The second pic of you in the vest, it almost looked like a chic Vogue jacket. I do like the colours though! Not that you asked--what about this style of suit? http://www.smartbargains.com/go.sb?pagename=prod&fcloc=cat&deptid=9&catid=103&prodid=1411703731&t=Cat.dept-9.cat-103.prod.32 Good luck on future interviews! :-)

  9. fabulous Anne, it could be fun going shopping. have a great weekend.


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