17 October 2011

cocoa days

Take some cocoa - mine is dark
Some almond milk or coconut milk
(or milk milk - for non LC)
Some coconut cream or oil
Sugar-free hazelnut syrup - mine has Splenda
Half pinch of salt
Dash of vanilla
omg omg omg

Also you can make this with peppermint extract
Or cherry flavoring....
Orange or raspberry works, too!
Or just the sweetener of your choice!

I mix mine with instant coffee sometimes.
Or add pumpkin pie spice...
Or make it a protein shake

A little visitor -
They walk right up to ya here in Texas.
It's like Trick Or Treating for squirrels down here.
They almost come right in the place.

Hard Boiled eggs with extra mayo
and dry mustard and a splash of pickle juice...
Add the requisite paprika, of course!

It's kinda an egg fest around here.
Fried cheese, (yes, I did) bacon, spinach and onions
Fried in Butter. Kerry Gold butter.

I am done with these - 
They do nothing for me.
So for now - Sir or Madame Pistachio -
You are off my list.

Yummy way to have a great day!
My apartment is almost perfect.
Perfect like a magazine.
Almost. I hauled away a ton of junk!


  1. I LOOOVE my syrups.
    now, that said I love my green nuts too!
    why are they off yer list?!

  2. Just for now - I tend to over-eat them.
    Better stick with "real" food -just for now!

  3. I overeat the pistachios too, if I let myself eat them.

  4. What is it about pistachio nuts? No Sugar Added cocoa is my go to comfort in the fall evenings!!

  5. Right - I couldn't find one without Aspartame.
    Which I have forsworn and poured down the drain!
    So I made one! Much better this way...

    I am not a chocolate fan - I can live without the stuff....
    But I like the chemicals! They are happy for me.

  6. i love squirrels. Does he know that you are giving up the nuts? I'll bet he can suggest a good charity.

  7. Now cocoa sounds awesome, today mostly...it was 23* when I got up at 5 now it's 40*. Just turned the heat on this morning for a few minutes, now baking so that will do.
    Your meals look awesome, I do wonder if they'd work for me.
    Take care Anne and have a great day. Blessings!!

  8. At first I thought that was a deviled egg, then I realized what it was! That looks GOOD!

  9. I love cocoa but it doesn't sit well since my surgery. It is better if I leave what happens to me when I have it unsaid. :)

  10. mmm hot cocoa, not quite cold enough here for it.

  11. Cocoa time is my favourite time...I love to stir in a spoonful of coconut oil. I haven't had cocoa time since switching to almond milk though...will have to try it soon.

    Yahooooo to all the cleaning!

  12. I just bought some Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa so now you've got me thinking what I could be doing with it :) I just bought coconut powdered milk so I could use that!!


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