30 October 2011

spilt cream

Whipped raw eggs and 
heavy whipping cream
egg nog... just like Orange Julius.
But LoCarb

Awesome salad with all  the trimmings

Big Texas-sized pan

Texas-sized ribeye

Went to White Rock Coffee house
Got some coffee called
-- a local favorite blend.
Dropped everything accidently -
And spilled hot coffee all over the place...
The display, the floor, counter, goodies...

People still love the Texas Rangers!
I myself don't really keep up with football.

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Love me some whipped cream. Gots me a magic bullet. Sounds like a good thing to try! lol

  2. Have a great day Anne,,,,thats what I call a frying pan...hugs.

  3. Nice looking steak. I am eating like you do in most cases. I can't get myself to put an egg in a drink though.

  4. People around here are football crazy. Me... not so much. That ribeye looks wonderful. I have been craving steaks for weeks now.

  5. Um.... "Rangers" are BASEBALL! You clever girl.... lol!
    Thanks for the smile of the day!

  6. You are too funny...I will be sure to watch the Rangers game this afternoon. ;)

    Lady of the Lake sounds like a spooky coffee...no wonder it went everywhere.

    Primo steak!

  7. With that frying pan ghouls and ghosts don't stand a chance!


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