21 October 2011

cross and fit

Kettle bell squats 12 (and 16 kg kettlebells)
The box is just a reference point
for your butt.

Tried side planks but my right rotor cuff
is not quite ready for that. Still sore.

This cow was just standing there.
In the alley when I ran.
I think it's a good sign!

Did this thing where you hold on with your hands, 
and hang from an overhead bar, and do knee raises.
I did a couple.... I didn't think I could!
I even jumped up and did one.
This chalk helped. I earned a new blister!

Running in the alley (like a boss)
Twice I ran 400 meters (like a boss)
And didn't stop (like a boss)
Or have an asthma attack (like a boss)
Or cry (like a boss)
Or die (like a boss)

That's what she said!

So my second job is officially over....
And I am looking for a new second job.
I work 12 hour shifts... so sitting at home
4 days a week is not for me.
I get into trouble that way. 
I am one who needs craves more structure.

I'm actually kinda heartbroken.
Feels like a loss. OK.
Onward and downward, as they say!


  1. The hanging knee raises sound tough. Great job CrossFit Queen!

    Sorry your job is over, and I hope you find a new one soon!

  2. You are a busy rock star! Your workouts are impressive!!


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