10 October 2011

what is paleo

First - what Paleo ISN'T...
It's not about a bunch of dudes running around
killing huge animals with spears....
(the dudes have the spears... not the animals)

Well, maybe it is, a little of that... here

Paleo isn't so much about 
CavePeople who look like Fred Flinstone -
and comb their ratty hair with this!
(Ok - maybe a little of that, too)

Paleo is more about just not eating Fake Food!
Processed foods... and grains.... and dairy.

Well, almost everything is processed to some extent...
But you have to admit, some things are over -processed
and prolly not that good for ya!

I like to keep it simple
I still use dairy... so my diet is more Primal, actually.
I prolly get more fats than alot of Paleo Peeps

Lots of salads, veggies, fresh things, cooked things

All different kinds of meat, proteins...
Just not alot of chemicals and and and ummm
things that are yukky not good for you

Fresh - organic - locally raised (when possible)
veggies and berries ... Fruits maybe later...
Not so much for me yet - I'm still in my weight loss phase!

It just so happens they love Paleo  in CrossFit - 
Which is great - the last time I went to a gym,
the trainers were in love with low-fat junk!

So grrrr!
Look - is that a Moose?
Just Kidding!

Hope your day is great!
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


  1. Huge Moose, eh?
    Just in time for the Canadian Thanksgiving!
    A Paleo Canadian Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm thinking of going back tp Primarian. Not for weight loss but because I believe it is a healthy plan for me. I felt good without all the carbs and bread. I'm going to sit down this week and make a food plan and when I shop on Thursday I will get what I need to start again. Wish me luck!

  3. Karen -
    Great idea!

  4. I don't know what the heck I am doing...gluten free is on the top of my list, but now I think grain free would be better, should I get rid of dairy, hang on to dairy, no fruit, less fruit, more fruit...poke myself in the eye??? I am floundering...and I don't mean the fish! LOL!

  5. K the P -
    My point EGG-actly!
    I'm thinking about big big big no-pun-intended
    changes here, myself!

  6. That is a huge moose!!
    If bacons on the menu I'll be right over :)

  7. Yum!!! You're making me hungry. And bacon is the candy of meat. LOL


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