27 October 2011

roasted veggie time

Walked up on this scared creature...
It hissed at me!
Then it flipped me the bird!

Roasted veggie time again -
No need to worry about heating up the kitchen.
Although, actually, it still gets up to the 80's here.
Nights aren't that bad. Kinda like Autumn!

This hot mess is bacon...
Fried up with butter, and 
finished with a splash of Balsamic Vinegar,
And Spice Rub. Half-a-packet of Splenda.

AND a touch of cinnamon!
Garam Masala would have also worked.

It was almost as good as the bacon with BS
(brown sugar)   BUT -
This has WAY less carbs!
It was pretty darn good!

Cooked these little cherry tomatoes to freeze

And the same with these little sweet peppers!

I've really been a cooking fool in the kitchen!
And I even cleaned up after myself.


  1. Everything looks great! Especially the bacon!

  2. You even cleaned up after yourself. Dang. You are getting clear headed and productive. Ha. Must be the way you eat.

    Isn't bacon a best friend when we eat like we do?

  3. TB - My motivation for doing things is changing...
    For the first time in my life, it's not secondary motivation.
    That is - I'm not doing this to gain anything other than
    what it is. Not to impress someone. Not to "better myself."
    Just to do it! Oh - and to get some bacon - that too!

  4. Garam Masala on bacon? I'll have to try that.

  5. You and I both! I've been cooking like crazy lately. You must be a good influence :)


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