22 October 2011

poblano peppers

Take about one pound of ground pork.
Sausage works, too. But regular ground pork
is not cured with nitrates, etc!

From a real butcher shop, by the way!
Less per pound than ground beef or sausage!

Add about a pound of ground beef

Found this - good flavor .... not ideal.
My goal was to get rid of add-ons....
But not to get rid of flavor.
So, I'm learning all about seasoning!
Spices and seasoning.

aka Awesome Ancho!

Sauteed these in butter - separately.

Mixing in a Cast Iron Dutch Oven
[Best toy I have in the kitchen so far]

Made one batch "plain"
And one with tomato paste!

I like cooking for the whole week.
Or at least enough to get a few days ahead.

Did I mention how good this is?


  1. Even if a person isn't LoCarb per se
    They can still luv this one!

  2. That sounds very good. I bet the pepper added great flavor.

  3. Yum! I could eat the "plain" version for my strict-days meals. Very nice, Anne!

  4. Looks delicious! I could go for some melted old cheddar on either one.

  5. Very nice! If I made this, I would add a few tablespoons or so of sambal oelek (ground fresh chili paste). Whoa is that stuff hot! But it tastes nice on pork! Cooking for the week is very smart--I need to get into that habit!


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