24 October 2011

a day like any other day

Medium still big.... lots of room...
These are mediums...
Small - a bit too tight.

This fancy lunchbox is good....
The other got accidently thrown out.
So I have matching Red Luggage things
to take to work. Better than plastic sacks, eh?

We barley knew ye!

This Diabetic cookbook says to eat oranges and bananas 
to help with your blood sugar. I couldn't agree more. 
We've been kinda slow -  and I could sure use the work!

Did I just say that out loud?

Happy Autumn!
That's what I meant to say!


  1. XOXOXO can't wait til I can say a medium is big...=)

  2. Pretty autumn picture! Marie said she liked your Happy Halloween sign with the pumpkin witch :) She asked who you were and I said "she's the one that did the skeleton videos" :) We both really liked those. Yea I'm with Pooksie wanting to say a medium is big :)

  3. I think it's awesome your shrinking. So cool. Keep up the great work Anne. Love the fall picture. Take care and God Bless!!

  4. You are doing great, Anne. I would love to be in mediums consistently. :)

  5. Hey I'm in a couple of Mediums now, too!

    You did not say that you agree with them so that you can have more work! You are too dang funny! :)

    It took me a little bit to catch it but once I did... lol!


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